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The Best Sports Bra May 16 2015, 4 Comments

We can safely state that we have the best sports bra because this amazing sports bra has won the UK lingerie awards two years in a row.

The bra has been available up to a H cup from a small back (28) to an impressive 40, but soon it will be available up to a J cup!

We will always support the fact that a sports bra is only as good as its fit. If it's not your perfect fit it will not work! This means if you have not been professional fitted: where you had a one on one consultation with a professionally trained fitter who assesses your activity, fits you in a variety of styles and then educates you on how to make better bra purchasing decisions, you are not going to get benefit from this technical bra.

Supporting your breasts from the bottom (downward movement) and the top (upward movement) with its very clever design, this bra has clinically proven to eliminate your bounce and reduce chafing significantly.

So what will you pay for a bra that will support you properly?

We charge R1100 for this amazing bra; all our bras come with a free Professional Fitting (one hour consultation).

Want one?

Call us on 0861333779 (this is a landline so please do not sms) 8am-4pm Monday to Friday

Email us on

You can only purchase our new colours through our trained professionals, if you feel your fit is great and you want to buy one online follow this link: SPORTS BRA Please note this is for our basic colours only.

If you want one of our gorgeous new colours Magenta or Ultra Violet, call our office on 0861333779 or


So What are you waiting for? More uncontrollable bounce? Or more scarring from chafe? You cannot afford to take away from your hard training because you don't want to invest in a good sports bra.