'A'Cup Girls don't despair May 15 2015

From an A cup to a Wow Cup.

 (picture of a typical 'A'cup before)

When we started the business we had many requests for bras for ladies who had very little or no breast tissue. The quest for the perfect little bra started with very little success initially but when we assessed what ladies wanted and why they wanted it we were able to find the perfect match.

 The Problem

The need was not for something that made them bigger (this was definitely on the list but not the priority) but a bra that did not expose them.

When ladies lean forward it is not uncommon for their bras to gape and for their breast to be exposed. Most petite girls can wear lovely strappy tops that will often mean that a simple arm movement could leave them exposed.

These ladies are typically your ‘A’cup ladies who search from the smallest cup because they have very little to fill their cups.

The Solution

The solution is quite obvious to me now but not then as the cup was never the problem in the first place it is the band that holds the problem.

When a bra is too big the band will sit far away from the body causing the bra to move, when our ladies bend over or move the band simply moves away from the body and no longer covers the breast.

We did find the perfect solution in many bras from a lovely front fastening bra to a push up bra.

Our Push Up bra we have now dubbed the ‘Miracle Bra’ as I was blown away by the results.

There was such a significant change that beautiful shy girls did not mind us taking photo’s of the new found cleavage, photo’s we could never use for privacy reason.


This is your self-diagnosis:

Does your husband, friend, family member have to tell you that everyone can see your breast when you bend over?

Do you constantly have to rearrange your breast?

Are you constantly trying to find the perfect small bra?

Do you find that some bras work but then once you have worn them for a while they stop working?

Strapless bras are a nightmare!


The solution is simple all you need to do is come in for a professional fitting, most of the time petite girls are wearing the completely wrong size. Our Fitters will advise you on what is your perfect option for what ever your situation is.

Call us on 0861333779 or email us on expert@lizaclifford.com to find your closest Studio.


 (Picture of what we managed to achieve with the same lady in a properly fitted push up bra- please note no gaping)