Beginners Guide: How To Protect Your Child From Inappropriate Content October 17 2015, 0 Comments

It never occurred to me that I would be writing about how to protect my child from my device. The fascinating truth is that my tool hurt him and took his innocence away and sparked a curiosity he did not even know he had.

I thought my child was protected from Porn, he only ever searched “Dino’s with beeg teeth” and “Cute Pupies” what could go wrong and besides those insane videos are for over 18’s and you have to prove that you are over 18. Right? Oh so very wrong!

My son and I were having a casual conversation about what the cleverest dinosaur was, when I said: “let’s google it”. When I opened the Ipad I was horrified to find the search “show me naked bobes” at first I was impressed that he knew how to spell naked and horrified that he could not spell boobs, after all I am known as the boob lady. Why I knew my son had no idea what was happening was that the open windows were still open and the topics he had clicked on had titles I could not even spell. I scrambled through the history hoping not to find any more, thankfully my fear had stopped at the open pages. My son was mortified when I asked him, the shame was written all over his face. I promised I would never allow my children to feel shame for something that is natural and beautiful, but this was brutal. This was not his fault it was mine.

So why was my child left unsupervised? Well that is a topic for another day but let's just say that paying someone to entertain and intellectually stimulate my children did not result in outside play and mind puzzles.

The bottom line is that our children will at some stage be subjected to this kind of show and tell, whether this is in your home or at a friend’s home. Our children are part of a generation that will not survive without a device connecting them to the world of opportunity, whether it be connecting them to food to feed them or fashion to clothe them or information to educate them, taking the device away will stunt their growth and make them stupid. Yes like me!

So arm yourself with restrictions. This tutorial is based on the fact that my children do not have their own devices and use mine.  This is also only for a IOS products.

Let’s get started

Go to your Settings and select General

In General select Restrictions. Restrictions are off as a default setting, I would check this after any software updates.


Select Enable Restrictions, at this stage it will prompt you for a password, please change this to a password only you know. Remember your 8 year is more experienced at this than you, he will figure it out in about two seconds even if it took you a whole day to work this out.

You are not done yet scroll down and select Websites.

Select Limit Adult content. In my case I had to allow for my own website because I display ladies with beautiful underwear which may be blocked by my own restrictions. After all this is my device!

Go back to Allowed Content and change your country to South Africa. Select your movie preference for your child by selecting Movies

Then change your rating according to your children’s ages.

You can change all sorts of Restrictions here so play around.

Now go and test it.

Perhaps I was naïve to think that my children were protected because they were being supervised, but I was actually responsible by having an unrestricted device and by being stupid. It is responsible to question the parents of the children your child may visit as you would about the pool net or a vicious dog. Become Restriction Savvy remember your children are not looking for it, it finds them and then the curiosity is addictive. 

No go and carry on being good parents.