Getting Personal With Liza Clifford

My Version Of Sexy March 31 2014, 0 Comments

Growing up I always wondered why my small body was blessed with the breasts I was blessed with. I found my form anything but sexy contrary to what I should’ve felt based on the definition of sexy. My, then DD’s were anything but while my 30 clothing size was coveted by most.

Finding my first fitting bra was anything but sexy and yet I felt complete. My confidence soared and I started to feel “normal” again. Exercise became part of my day again and while I could not wear skinny strapped outfits I felt quite, well, “sexy”.

It was not until I was confronted with my “wedding night” attire that I realised my options were limited. My “sexy” lingerie was not so “sexy” after all. Please do not misunderstand me I found something quite suitable in my fiancé (soon to be husband’s) favourite colour, blue with a decadent black lace detail and a scandalous thong. Just looking at the pair made me so excited to see his face when I revealed the two piece on my “ wedding ready” toned body.

Why I insist that this was not sexy is because no matter how beautiful the set was it did not fit me. There was a heinous side boob that was not only unsightly but also terribly uncomfortable as my underwire poked the lump of breast under my arm. This was an item I had purchased from a corsetiere who incidentally altered my strapless bra for my wedding dress to perfection. It seems if you are going to purchase lingerie it need not fit because the purpose is to have it on for as little as possible. The point being that no matter how beautiful or horrendously expensive it was, I felt quite fat and booby in it.

I never wore the two piece despite trying on many other occasions to ignore the lack of support or very obvious misplaced wire. Every time I came across it in my underwear I would be reminded of the disappointment I felt (please take careful note that this was my disappointment only as the very obvious lack of underwear yielded an appreciated return on investment in his facial expression).

Underwear is not “sexy”. How you feel in underwear is what makes it sexy. This is why it is so important to wear underwear that makes the most of what you have. Unmanaged breasts will make you feel overweight and clumsy, while perfectly supported breasts give you confidence to strut around in just your underwear.

If you feel self-conscience when you should feel confident try changing your bra size or even better treat yourself to a professional fitting. Who knows, maybe changing the way women feel about themselves is just the correct size away.