Professional Bra Fitting In Durban May 26 2014

At Liza Clifford Professional Bra Fitting we do things differently.

Firstly you have to make an appointment. There is a very real reason why ladies battle with bras:

They get measured, not fitted because this takes time, and they get given generic bras that are supposed to fit everyone! Just does not make sense does it?

So we Assess, Educate and Fit, this takes an hour.

We only charge if you don't buy anything (which rarely happens) Who wants to work for nothing?

So yes, we are professionally trained by British experts to fit South African sizes. We wear the bras we sell and nothing else.

Our amazing high quality, brilliant fit bras are imported.

They will cost you a lot more than the bras you get in store, but they do come with the fitting service, the longevity and the after sale service. How many bras do you have that just don't fit? Now that is expensive!

So once you have perused our online store: Catalogue (click on the "catalogue" to see our amazing products) and you see yourself looking amazing in a well fitted bra, contact us on:

  for a life changing experience.