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If a bra size calculator or a measuring service is not working for you it's time to take your bra fit seriously and book a consultation to be properly assessed, fitted and educated in your perfect fitting bra or swimwear!
We know your pain, we have been there, done that and own the oversized t shirt!

We have a team of passionate, trained bra fitting consultants who live to see the look on your face when you realise and see your optimum body because of a well-fitted bra. Our vision is that every woman will feel what it feels like to wear the perfect fit bra no matter what your size.

With over 230 sizes available to us we know we can find your perfect fit in bras and swimwear. There is no store in South Africa that keeps all these sizes but we will get it for you. We will never sell you something because its in stock or because you think it works if we know we can do better, believe me when I say there is a perfect fit for you!

We have three studios and various mobile units all over South Africa.

All our studios work by appointment only for your privacy and to ensure our unique process is fulfilled. Your initial appointment will take one hour and after that you will be able to purchase bras and swimwear without visiting a store. We guarantee fit! And if you're not happy we are very happy to exchange it until you are ecstatically happy.

Our fee for the hour consultation is R350, should you decide to order or purchase a bra or swimwear the fee will either be deducted from your purchase if you have paid it upfront or not charged. 

All teens are not charged the R350 fee and enjoy a 20% off their purchase of bras and swimwear, this our commitment to getting girls into bras that work and make them feel feminine and confident.

Our permanent bra fitting studios

Johannesburg bra fitting studio

 Thrupps Centre

 204 Oxford Rd, Illovo Johannesburg

0861333779 (National Landline number)

0826551785 (what's app)

 Durban bra fitting studio

 2 St Mary's Rd 


0861333779 (National Landline number)

0826551785 (what's app)

Pretoria bra fitting studio

8 25th Street

Menlo Park

0861333779 (National Landline number)

0826551785 (what's app)

Our Mobile studios

These units are especially brought to areas where we have had a lot of interest and we have a created a loyal following of repeat clients and their referrals

The venues may change but the area remains the same

We have not finalised our dates for 2020

If you would like us to contact you when our dates are set kindly email you name and contact details to


We will be visiting Bloemfontein from 30th March to 3rd April 2020

Dersley Manor Boutique Hotel,

4 Deale Rd,



0861333779 (National Landline number)

0826551785 (what's app)

East London

We will be at The Avalon Guest House in East London 

24th-28th February 2020

0861333779 (National Landline number)

0826551785 (what's app)


29th June -3 July 2020

Venue to be confirmed

0861333779 (National Landline number)

0826551785 (what's app)


Cape Town


0861333779 (National Landline number)

0826551785 (what's app)

Virtual Fittings

We offer Virtual Fittings to ladies who cannot make it to our studios. This is not our first choice, however we do believe it is better than a measuring service.

This can be done in a google hangout, what's app video call or a Skype call

You will need a video option on your mobile or computer, a measuring tape and your best fitting bra.

You will need to take your top off but you will not need to expose your breasts. 


0826551785 (what's app)

We see new clients by appointment as our consultation takes an hour. Our unique three-step process is designed to help you make better bra purchasing decisions, therefore, saving you time and money. We love pop-ins but please know we would never interrupt an appointment. To avoid the disappointment and waste of time please contact us on 

0861333779 (National Landline number)

0826551785 (what's app)

Please see our catalogue for ideas on styles and prices

We are a fitting studio which means all our products are arranged in sizes to assist our consultants when assisting their clients. Please note we do not allow browsing of our product but are happy to show you items should you wish to see them. While we love to keep as much stock as possible we do not keep all styles, sizes, and shades. Our consultants are trained to make the right decisions based on their thorough training and vast experience. Instead of making you buy what is available we are more than happy to order from the vast range available to us. We really want to introduce you to a world of beautifully fitted underwear where you are not limited to what is available in the studio.

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