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We won’t sell anything to you that we don’t believe works for your unique, perfect body shape fit. That is why we don’t compromise on our core fitting philosophy which includes a one-on-one appointment to assess, fit, and educate each client we meet. This ensures that we empower you to make better decisions about their your bras from that moment on - even if you choose to shop elsewhere. Our stringent sourcing process means that your needs are served in a sustainable way, providing only the best quality bras from ethical brands.

How do I assess how my bras size deviates from my size I am currently wearing?

Get a tape measure that shows inches.

Put your bra on (this doesn’t need to be a perfectly fitting bra, just one that holds your bust in place).

Measure directly underneath your bust. This is where the breast meets the tummy or ribs - not your waist. (Usually, this is the area where the underwire of your bra sits). If your breasts drop, hold your breasts up by lifting the bra straps so that this area is exposed. Alternatively, you can tighten your straps, however, if your bra is too big your breasts will fall out the bottom so you may need a trusted individual to help you measure this area. (Teamwork makes the dream work!) Next, measure all the way around the biggest part of your breast (over the bust). This is the second and final measurement you will need.

Send these two measurements in inches to with ‘Please send me my bra size’ in the subject line. And it’s as simple as that, We can’t wait to help you find your perfect fit!

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