Bra Fitting Experience

R 350.00

A Bra Fitting Experience by a trained Liza Clifford Expert is very different and this is why:

1. You need to make an appointment. We value our client and their time, the quality of service we give in our appointments cannot be interrupted. We set aside an hour for you to have a dedicated trained fitter who will guide you through the complicated process of buying a bra

2. Our Fittings have a three part process where we assess, fit and then educate. This empowers you to buy product anywhere, not just at Liza Clifford. 

3. Our after sales service is unmatched, once you have a fitting we will have all your details on our sophisticated online system which means that anyone in our team has access to your unique size and anyone can assist you with future purchases online or in our studio.

Our clients have expressed their experiences in our reviews and we urge you to read them as you may have the same feelings before making your appointment.

We do charge for this professional service, however if you purchase on the day the fee will either be taken off your purchase or wavered if you have not paid it upfront.

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