Bra Fitting Advice — Side Boob

How do you know you are wearing the wrong bra size?

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  You rely on your straps for support You are always looking for thicker straps You feel like you need more lift You can never find the right cup: if you go down a cup it’s too small, if you go up a cup it’s too big Your band rides up your back Your breast eithers peek out or fall out the bottom of your bra You are constantly readjusting your bra You feel like your breasts want to fall out of your bra when you bend over You have considered breast surgery You have an obvious spill out of...

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Combating the Dreaded Side Breast

Side Boob Side Support

When you are faced with pockets of fat on the side of your breast that seem to get in the way and make you look a lot wider than you actually are, your first port of call is to find a good fitting bra. The good news is that this “fat” is just breast tissue that has been forced to the side by a misplaced wire or a cup that is way too small. Breast tissue is fat that can be easily manipulated over time as it is not really governed by any muscle. Repeatedly wearing a wire that is...

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