The below FAQ are some common questions of our clients ask us. If you cannot find an answer below, please feel free to call or email us on any of the details on our contact us page.
When visiting a retail store, you may be fortunate enough to walk up to an expectant fitter with her measuring tape around her neck, waiting to offer you all the wonderful advice she has been taught. Information about how a bra should fit, the correct way to put your bra on (this is quite a common mistake), what bra you should be buying for your particular body shape, how to take care of your bra and what to do if your favourite bra is no longer available. She will spend time in the fitting room making sure that the bra you have chosen based on your measurements fits you as it should because sometimes the measuring just doesn’t seem to fit what should be a perfect science. She will always be available to help you after your purchase just in case you forgot all the information that was given to you during your one on one chance meeting. Because she got to spend all that time with you she is able to advise you on anything else you may need.
If you have never been given this information it means that there just wasn’t enough time, there were too many ladies with the same need as you or you were left in a change room wondering why the bra you were recommended kind of works but not exactly like you wanted it to. At Liza Clifford, we want you to feel like you’re our only client, with uninterrupted time to give you all the advice you need to make the perfect choice. We listen to your needs and assess what we know will work as we access our collective years of experience.
The fitting appointment is divided into a three-part process. In the first step we assess your need, body shape, previous bra frustrations and what you would like to get out of the experience. The next step is to actually fit you which starts by doing the standard measuring service that all retail stores offer, but our defining difference is that we actually put the bra on for you and assess what the fit should be. In most cases the measured size is not the same as the fitted size, but the measurement is a good starting point and it helps when narrowing down what size the client could be. The final step is to educate our clients on how to repeat the outcome without needing to visit a store, how to take care of your bra, how to scoop properly (this is often the reason why bras gape or feel too tight), we discuss the wear in process which is common when you’re wearing your first fitted bra. This three-step process is designed to get to know you and offer advice that is tailored to your needs. We cannot give you good advice without this process and often results in choices that give bras a bad reputation when it’s the size and the lack of knowledge that is off. Trust me if this was as easy as people think it is there wouldn’t be so many ladies looking for that “perfect bra”
We try to keep all sizes but it’s just not possible to stock all styles and all sizes, this is why our fitters are equipped with the knowledge to offer you advice that will allow you to purchase the size elsewhere or to order from our suppliers. There are many sizes available to us and in most cases it is impossible to keep everything. If big retail stores don’t keep all sizes it stands to reason that small business cannot either, however we tend to offer sizes based on data collected over the years of running our business. Because we have a detailed relationship with each client we are able make decisions on actual sizes we have endorsed and know work.
We will never let you keep something you simply cannot and will not wear. If it’s a colour or style issue we will exchange the bra for something you love, provided the tags are still on and you haven’t worn the bra for an extended period. I am sure you would not feel right purchasing from us if you knew we allowed returns of bras that had been worn for extended periods by another person.
If your bra does not fit we would like you to come in for a free refit or send us photos of the bra on. While we take the greatest care to offer the best advice we do sometimes make mistakes and we would appreciate the opportunity to correct it. In most cases however fit issues are because of scooping and in this case we would like the opportunity to show the correct way to scoop. It could also be something as simple as strap adjustment.
We don’t offer refunds because we not be fulfilling our promise to assist you with the discovery of your perfect fit. By offering you a refund we cannot assist you further and you are left in the same frustrating situation you were in before. Having said all of this if you absolutely hated your experience and did not feel comfortable trusting the advice of our fitters we will refund you. What we can guarantee is that our fitters will do all they can to get you what works, it may take a while but they are committed to completing this process.
When purchasing a fitted bra for the first time it may feel horribly uncomfortable. Many clients have questioned our method and have persevered with the discomfort only to be rewarded with the eventual comfort of a fitted bra. This can take any time from 3 days to 5 weeks to wear in depending on the size of your bra. Another reason for a bra feeling tight could be that you have not scooped enough, and breasts tissue is trapped in the band area making the bra band tighter than it should be. This can be alleviated by doing an exaggerated scoop. More often than not clients are wearing their newly purchased bra on the tightest hook when it should be snug on the loosest hook to allow for stretch which means you can move the hook to a tighter option when the bra wears.
We do believe that comfort is in the support and not in the bra, its really difficult to rationalize this as it often results in women purchasing tighter bras that do not fit and can cause discomfort because they are simply the incorrect size.
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