We exist to educate and empower women to make better decisions by discovering their perfect fit. A perfectly fitted bra will give you the courage to be authentically and unashamedly yourself.

Follow our simple steps to measure yourself correctly. Submit your measurements and browse our beautiful range of bras in your perfect size.

Our bra calculator will give you a starting point. Due to the many unique breast shapes and sizes, we do not recommend choosing a life-changing bra on simple measuring advice. The Liza Clifford bra calculator is here to simply demonstrate how much your current bra size might be inaccurate, and what bra size would probably fit your shape better. However, you may still be required to book a professional fitting with one of our trained specialists where you will be personally guided into your perfect fit.

When you find your perfect fit, you will feel how empowering a great fitting bra can be. Once you know what your perfect fit is, it is simply a case of choosing the styles you like because most bras especially designed and crafted for your unique size will work for you. Finding your unique and perfect fit is a gamechanger, try our bra calculator and book a fitting today.


Keep the measuring tape level, measure around your body and underneath your bust where the base of your breasts meet your body.

Get someone to lift your bust up by the straps so that you can get the correct measurement under your bust (or you may be measuring your waist). If you measure too low your sizing will be incorrect.

Make sure you are not holding your breath while you are taking the measurement. Type the number (in cm's) from the measuring tape into the box below.


Put your most supportive, non-padded bra on. Make sure that you keep the measuring tape parallel with the floor and measure around the fullest part of your bust.

Relax your arms at your side and make sure you are not holding your breath.

Type the number (in cm's) from the measuring tape into the box below. Click submit and your size will appear.

If this size is different to what you are currently wearing, we suggest you BOOK A FITTING

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