Bra Fitting Advice

Things ladies say when they wear the wrong size bra.

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So your online bra size calculator miraculously calculated your bra size and you're still chomping at the bit!  Bra shopping has been trivialised to a grocery purchase, as easy as buying a pair of underpants, which if you have big or small breasts you know is as far from reality as wearing one size fits all stockings that actually do fit. The statistic that 80-90% of women wear the incorrect size bra would prompt a government inquest if it actually held any credibility, should at least highlight that this is a problem that if anyone actually knew how to solve...

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Not All Bra Cups Are Created Equally

For decades, conversations around bra sizes have focused squarely on the cup size. We’re sure you’ve heard schoolyard jokes like ‘A = Almost Nothing, B = Barely There, C =’ etc. Well, we’re here to tell you that not all cups are created equally, and in truth, breast size / bra size is about much more than just the cups. Don’t believe us... read on. The Truth About Bra Cup Sizes  When buying a well-fitted bra you need to know that not all cups are the same. This means that the cup size of a 32D is not the same...

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What To Look For In A Sports Bra

If performing star jumps or sprints in boot camp fills you with dread, this article is for you. We are not talking about your fitness level, but the impressive ability of your breasts to displace upwards and downwards. Bra support in exercise has never been easy, it’s rated as one of the top reasons why young girls in South Africa do not exercise. Finding a sports bra is easy, finding a sports bra that supports is not. We are confident that we have found the magic formula to eliminating the bounce through carefully taking all support aspects into consideration. How...

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Why You Should Love Your Fit, But Not Want To Sleep In It

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Okay ladies, it's time for some real talk... your bra is a supportive under garment, just like those nip-and-tuck spanks you put under your favourite bodycon dress, which means it's not going to offer all-day comfort... but, what it will offer you is all day support and an all day confidence boost. At Liza Clifford, we're passionate advocates of bras that fit... after all, there are no bad breasts and no bad bras, just bad fits! 

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Why you need swimwear fitted.

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If you are lucky enough to walk into a shop and try on a few bikinis and able to purchase all of them you don't need us.Our founder, as well as many other women, found it impossible to walk into a shop and purchase a bikini despite the option of many sizes and the availability of DD+ or bigger cup sizes. The fact that nothing fits means that we choose to criticise our bodies rather than the lack of advise.We believe that there are no bad bras or bad breasts just bad fits. The only way to rectify this is...

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