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Changing Lives One Bra Fitting At A Time May 27 2015


Wearing a correctly fitted bra is so much more than support and comfort. Wearing the Perfect Fit makes you feel and look slimmer, it makes you look professional and neat, it makes your clothes look better, it elongates your waist, it makes bigger breasts appear smaller and it shows in your confidence.

All I need to ask you is why do you feel a bra is too expensive and an hour fitting is too long when it does all of the above? 

Call us if you are ready make the change as all these ladies did in our studio.

'A'Cup Girls don't despair May 15 2015

From an A cup to a Wow Cup.

 (picture of a typical 'A'cup before)

When we started the business we had many requests for bras for ladies who had very little or no breast tissue. The quest for the perfect little bra started with very little success initially but when we assessed what ladies wanted and why they wanted it we were able to find the perfect match.

 The Problem

The need was not for something that made them bigger (this was definitely on the list but not the priority) but a bra that did not expose them.

When ladies lean forward it is not uncommon for their bras to gape and for their breast to be exposed. Most petite girls can wear lovely strappy tops that will often mean that a simple arm movement could leave them exposed.

These ladies are typically your ‘A’cup ladies who search from the smallest cup because they have very little to fill their cups.

The Solution

The solution is quite obvious to me now but not then as the cup was never the problem in the first place it is the band that holds the problem.

When a bra is too big the band will sit far away from the body causing the bra to move, when our ladies bend over or move the band simply moves away from the body and no longer covers the breast.

We did find the perfect solution in many bras from a lovely front fastening bra to a push up bra.

Our Push Up bra we have now dubbed the ‘Miracle Bra’ as I was blown away by the results.

There was such a significant change that beautiful shy girls did not mind us taking photo’s of the new found cleavage, photo’s we could never use for privacy reason.


This is your self-diagnosis:

Does your husband, friend, family member have to tell you that everyone can see your breast when you bend over?

Do you constantly have to rearrange your breast?

Are you constantly trying to find the perfect small bra?

Do you find that some bras work but then once you have worn them for a while they stop working?

Strapless bras are a nightmare!


The solution is simple all you need to do is come in for a professional fitting, most of the time petite girls are wearing the completely wrong size. Our Fitters will advise you on what is your perfect option for what ever your situation is.

Call us on 0861333779 or email us on to find your closest Studio.


 (Picture of what we managed to achieve with the same lady in a properly fitted push up bra- please note no gaping)




A Well Fitted Sports Bra Is Important in Breast Health October 19 2014


This week we speak about how supporting your breasts while exercising is important to your breast health. At a time when we are all looking to shed a few extra kilo’s before the swim season everyone is exercising madly. Your first important decision should be to get a well fitted sports bra to support your moving breasts.

We have many women waiting to lose weight before purchasing a sports bra. Losing weight will mean that you will need a new bra but it is not worth waiting to lose the weight before purchasing this necessity. A well fitted sports bra will not only stop excessive movement it will prevent the pain associated with excessive movement and reduce the stretch associated with lack of support in exercise.

A well fitted sports bra should support from the top (upward movement) and from the bottom (downward movement). Contrary to popular belief support does not come from the straps, this will only cause discomfort during vigorous exercise. Support comes from encapsulating the breast and making sure it is snug enough to limit movement. At this stage many women use more than one bra compressing the breasts into one mass. This makes the breasts heavier and more difficult to support. When each breast is encapsulated into its own cup it supports individually making it easier to support.

It is really difficult to choose a sports bra based on a measuring service. A good sports bra assessment should be done by fitting and jumping in the bra. If you are purchasing a bra that is bigger than your pants size it is the first sign that your sports bra is not a good fit and it will not support. Do not buy a bra if it is only available in a small med or large. Good supportive sports bras come in cup sizes.

It does not matter how big or small your breasts are if you are looking for a sports bra you are experiencing some discomfort while exercising and it means you need good support.

Our fitters are waiting to help you find your perfect fit.



How Does A Professional Bra Fitting Aid Breast Health? October 08 2014


Firstly let’s define what a “Professional Bra Fitting” in the Liza Clifford experience is: It’s a reasonable amount of time set aside for a trained person to assess, educate and fit a lady for the perfect fit(not the closest fit).

It is hard to explain what we do to someone who feels they are wearing the correct size because unless you have had this experience you will always be content with what you believe to be a “Professional Fitting”. What is not is a measurement or a sizing by sight.

It’s important to have a PBF because unless you are trained there is no way you can know how a bra should feel let alone what it should fit like. A bra’s primary function is to support, having a beautiful bra is just a bonus. Bras were not made to accessorise your wardrobe they were made to enhance it. With all that said, the bra is the evil garment that can either make your amazing garment look as amazing as it was intended to be or make it look like a train wreck.

As far as breast health is concerned we need to know that the incorrect bra can cause a considerable amount of damage. It is also important to mention that bad bras or any bras for that matter do not cause breast cancer.

  1. A misplaced wire can rub on your breast tissue causing discomfort and scarring. This is caused when the cup is far too small and the wire does not line up with the armpit. If you find that your cup gapes when increasing the cup size you need to go smaller in the band.
  2. Shoulder straps that hold all the weight of your breasts cause pressure build up and result in headaches and neck spasms. A good bra is designed to support from the bottom not for the top. If you feel that if you loosen your bra straps you will compromise your support chances are your band is too big and you are wearing the wrong size. A good support should support when you release your straps or slip them off your shoulders. Its takes a while to get used to the change in support and sometimes this can feel like you have a bra that is not right, but if you consider how long your body has made use of only the tiny straps to support it is easy to conclude that the body needs a considerable amount of time to adjust to the change. Changes come from different muscles needed to support the breasts and the relief experienced from the straps being released can cause a spasm in itself. I have not even begun to mention the very obvious furrows that develop over time on the shoulder: fortunately this is reversible.
  3. Good support will enhance your posture. When the weight of your breasts is lifted from your neck your are forced to stand up straight with your shoulders in a relaxed state. You will not feel the need to hide your breasts because they are managed.

It is almost impossible to do this yourself, if you do have access to a Professional Fitter make use of it. Make sure your fitter is trained and knows what they are doing. If you don’t need to make an appointment chances are you will have to share the attention of your trained specialist and you will not get the specialised care you deserve and need.


How A Bra Should Fit October 02 2014

  1. The straps on a bra should be snug but not tight. You should be able to drop your straps and your breasts do not move
  2. The bra band should be horizontal
  3. The Wire of a bra should extend from your sternum (breast bone) to under your arm (not on your breast)
  4. The centre gore of the bra (the front of the bra) should lie flat against your chest
  5. The wire of the bra should follow the “smile” of your breast
  6. Breast tissue will not spill out of a well fitted bra
  7. There should be no sign of breast outside of the bra: these can be in the form of “side-boob” “back fat” or excessive “arm fat”
  8. Breast should feel supported as if they are being held.
  9. The bra band should be slightly tighter than snug initially, as all bras stretch, on the very loosest hook.
  10. Bras should be comfortable enough to wear for the day, it is completely normal to want to take your bra off as soon as you get home. It is a working garment that supports


How do you know you are wearing the wrong bra size? September 26 2014


  1. You rely on your straps for support
  2. You are always looking for thicker straps
  3. You feel like you need more lift
  4. You can never find the right cup: if you go down a cup it’s too small, if you go up a cup it’s too big
  5. Your band rides up your back
  6. Your breast eithers peek out or fall out the bottom of your bra
  7. You are constantly readjusting your bra
  8. You feel like your breasts want to fall out of your bra when you bend over
  9. You have considered breast surgery
  10. You have an obvious spill out of the top of your bra
  11. You battle to find clothing that fits you, everything else fits and you find you have to go up a size (or a few sizes) to accommodate your breasts.
  12. Strapless bras are a nightmare: they keep falling down or you keep having to readjust them
  13. You wear more than one sports bra when exercising
  14. You feel fat because your breasts create a pocket under your arms that makes you look fat.
  15. You have excessive back fat
  16. Your cups gape
  17. It does not matter how hard you try to minimise your breasts they just look big
  18. You cannot find pretty bras in your size

The points above are what our clients bring to our attention. This is what we love working with everyday of our lives.

If you suffer from any ONE of these conditions you are wearing the wrong size.

Our experts are waiting to help you, its just a call away.

Combating the Dreaded Side Breast September 02 2014

When you are faced with pockets of fat on the side of your breast that seem to get in the way and make you look a lot wider than you actually are, your first port of call is to find a good fitting bra.

The good news is that this “fat” is just breast tissue that has been forced to the side by a misplaced wire or a cup that is way too small. Breast tissue is fat that can be easily manipulated over time as it is not really governed by any muscle. Repeatedly wearing a wire that is “cutting” into this fat will only cause it to separate and as our breasts naturally fall to the side, the tissue migration is inevitable. When you wear a wire that lines up with your armpit it will allow all the side tissue to fall into the cup and not be forced to sit outside the cup and create the unsightly bulge.

(The picture shows the lady wearing a bra that has been fitted correctly and then her old bra over. The black bra shows how misplaced the wire was exposing the "side breast") 

This is very common and most women see a drastic change in body shape when this tissue is scooped into a cup that is the correct size. This may seem easy to do but if you do not have a band snug enough your breast tissue will only fall back into its natural place (under your arm) despite the increase in cup size. It is so important to have a professional fitting where a trained fitter can assess this for you.

To see if your wire is placed in the correct place:

  1. Put your best fitting bra on
  2. Put your arms out to the side
  3. Your wire should follow the under “smile” of your breast
  4. When you place your arms out to the side your bra should not move
  5. There is not gap under your breast
  6. The end of the wire on the arm side should be in line with your armpit

If your side is correct the side breast should disappear however there are certain styles that work so well for this. The side support bra works well as it flattens this and creates a forward projection creating a leaner silhouette.

Click on the picture to get all the details:

This bra is available in a white, nude, pink and black.

While the Lois is one of our favourites, we have many other options to choose from.

Have a great day

If you would like to know more contact an expert on 0861 333 779

The Centre of my Bra does not lie flat July 14 2014

This is quite a common problem, another one of those problems that just gets accepted as the status quo. “I have difficult breasts” issues. If your bra does not sit flat between your breasts it is not your breasts but because of two very simple reasons.

  1. Your size is wrong
  2. Your style is wrong.

I always suggest you go for a proper assessment with a qualified professional fitter who will Assess, Educate and Fit you. This takes time so if you are not making an appointment for this service you are either going to be interrupted by other clients or you are not getting a proper fitting.

If you are not able to find a proper fitting service then these are some things to look for.

Firstly let’s look at the symptoms of the centre gore not sitting flat between the breasts (this is another way of saying the centre of my bra does not sit flat)

  1. Your breasts are not separated into two supported breasts
  2. You have permanent cleavage and you perspire between your breasts
  3. Your breasts are squashed flat rather than into two separate breasts making it appear like a tyre around your body.
  4. The centre of the bra can be pulled away from the body easily.

Now let’s look at how we can remedy this:

  1. Your size needs adjustment

If your cup is too small and band is too big you will never get the centre gore to lie flat against your chest. You may wonder how your band can be made smaller and still fit or fit better? When you decrease your band size you need to increase your cup, the cup size may change significantly- up to 10 cup sizes and in some cases more. If your band is correct and your cup is too small you may still find it may not fit. A simple cup adjustment may take a very tight bra to a snug, supportive garment.

I stress at this point that all of the guess work can be taken out of the equation when you see a qualified professional fitter.

  1. The style of your bra needs to be assessed

This can be done through trial and error which can be a very expensive exercise or by consulting someone who is qualified to do so. Some women have a very narrow space between their breasts while some have breasts that are spaced quite far apart.

Some women may benefit from a plunge bra, but a balcony bra that comes up quite high in the front can help separate the breasts allowing the centre gore to lie flat. Breasts that lie far apart will benefit from a side support that guides the breast forward. This exercise can be very slimming and make your breasts look very small.


A good professional bra fitter will help you make better buying decisions and help you understand why you need to completely change the way you look at your bra. It is worth the investment in time as you will save yourself a lot of money and time when you know exactly how it should fit and why it feels so different.



Side Breast Spillage Is Not Your Lot In Life June 23 2014


We are often asked why our client’s breast tissue spills out to the side. Clients often think that this is their lot in life and that the only way to get rid of this is through very strict dieting and a hectic exercise routine.

The reason why this breast tissue (because this is what it is – connective adipose tissue and not just fat) spills to the side is because your cup is too small. If your underwire does not line up with your underarm it will force your tissue into this space causing an unsightly bulge.

You are probably thinking if you increase your cup (making the wire bigger) your cup will gape. This will happen if your band is too big. You will need to adjust your band as you increase your cup size. This is not an easy task when you consider that most size corrections done by our expert fitters are vast, resulting in quite a few cup sizes with considerable band adjustments. An example of this is a 36C will often become a 30G or a 32FF, this is just an example as a 36C can be many sizes in our studio.

When your band is snug enough you can scoop your breast tissue into your cup and it stays there. If you scoop your breast tissue into a small cup it will only spill over the front of your bra. If your cup is too small the wire will dig into the delicate breast tissue causing discomfort and the dreaded “side boob”. If your band is too big it will not make any difference how well you scoop, your breast tissue will not stay in the small cup.

Your bra needs to be a high quality bra. If the back of your bra is not substantial it will result in a dental floss appearance as it rolls and cuts into this delicate breast tissue. Not only will you have the appearance of a large side breast it will also dig in sideways. It does not take a genius to realise at this point that a bad bra can cause more damage than any good.

Professional fitting will eliminate the guess work. It only takes an hour of Assessing, Education and Fitting. Our Sizes are South African sizes as we follow the UK Size chart where our bras are designed. Once you have had a professional fitting by an Expert Fitter you will be liberated to purchase from Stores that carry your size and most reputable Online Stores like

Make a life changing decision to find your correct bra size by contacting us on



Wear In Process WIP May 19 2014


At Liza Clifford Professional Bra Fitting Studio we pride ourselves on the fact that our clients visit us every six months for new day wear, special occasion and sports bras. These loyal customers are the ladies who trust our advice and endure the WIP and, in turn, see the long term benefits. 

We will not compromise on the fitting process, the bra choice and the importance of the WIP, as we believe that this is why we stand apart from other professionals in our industry.

What to expect during the WIP:

  1. A vice-like feeling for the first five to seven wears.

  2. Deep red marks and the feeling of being bruised for the first five to seven wears.

  3. Liza Clifford’s specially chosen strapless bra is designed to anchor in the back causing swelling and a raised surface for an extended period of time.

  4. Liza Clifford’s specially chosen award winning sports bras have very little elastic and, for this reason, you will feel very uncomfortable for the first five to seven wears.

  5. Maternity bras will feel tight, at first, but they ease very quickly.

How many times have you purchased an extremely comfortable, ‘good’ fitting bra from a retailer only to discover that, after a couple of wears, the back strap is loose and the shoulder straps keep falling off? A Liza Clifford bra will not feel like it fits perfectly on the first wear but will fit beautifully and feel amazing for months after the WIP. Liza Clifford clients are prepared to spend time and money for superior quality products.

Do You Scoop? April 25 2014

The Scoop ensures that you have no breast pinched behind the wire or underneath. The bra will now fit very snuggly and will feel uncomfortable for the first five to seven wears.


The Scoop

  • Hold your bra wire firmly with the same side arm. Make sure that you hold the bra wire on the outer end of the bra.
  • With the other hand, gently pull your entire breast away from the outer wire resisting with the other hand. You should feel like you are lifting your entire breast out of the front of the bra.
  • Now your breast is in the front of your body.
  • Shake the bra out so that you have no spill-over.


The amazing benefits of wearing the perfect bra (increased confidence, beautifully fitting clothes, looking slimmer), does, however, require that you endure the WIP (wearing in period). As we all know, beauty and long term enjoyment does come with some sacrifice. ‘’The bra is made for your size, but you need to make it yours by wearing it’’, says Liza.

Underwire Bras Versus Soft Cups April 09 2014

Choosing a bra based on whether it has a wire or not is a preference not a necessity. Let me explain: when someone insists that a soft cup (wire free bra) is more comfortable we can almost guarantee that she is wearing the wrong size.

The reasons why wires are uncomfortable are based on the following:

  1. The wire is misplaced, this is a term I use often, and this simply means that the wire is rubbing against very sensitive breast tissue. If your wire is not on the other side of your breast tissue it will cause many problems:
  2. While there is no clinical data supporting the fact that wires cause cancer, I believe that a wire that digs into your breast tissue will cause trauma eventually resulting in scar tissue. Make sure your wire is as far back as possible in line with your armpit and then scoop whatever tissue may be under your arm into the cup away from the wire. One of the many reasons why a professional fitting is so important is that a fitter will educate you on this process.
  3. The discomfort of a misplaced bra wire is usually because the bra band is so loose that it moves and rubs against the breast tissue. Choosing a snug fit is uncomfortable in the beginning but once your support is felt and the bra does not move you are on your way to a liberating bra experience.
  4. There is some evidence (American) that suggests that a misplaced wire can displace breast tissue. This is often experienced in the form of “side boob” “back fat” and in extreme cases just above the breast in the form of a fatty “pocket”. This is just an observation by physicians in the USA and one of the possible explanations is the misplaced wire. This may or may not be reversed by a properly fitted bra. I do not believe there is enough evidence to support this, however it does make sense when you see how bad some bras are and how an underwire can cause some terrible markings.


There is definitely an indication for a soft cup, however if you choose to wear a soft cup or a non-wire bra because you feel an underwire hurts you, the size is wrong. Soft cups are great for frail ladies or for ladies who like to sleep in a bra. While there may be a preference for a soft cup it is not possible to get the same support or shape as a well fitted underwire bra.

In our experience most ladies who insist on a soft cup are wearing the wrong size.



Having said all of the above we prefer to fit breast feeding mothers in a soft cup because they generally need to sleep in their bras. A lot of maternity/ feeding bras are available in a gentle flexi-wire and when they are fitted correctly they can be very comfortable and unobtrusive.


When choosing a bra and your preference for underwire vs soft cups make sure you are absolutely certain of your size. A well place wire does not hurt, it supports.

Eight Facts To Consider When Buying a Bra April 01 2014

Finding the perfect fitting bra in South Africa is like finding a needle in a haystack. We search and search for this limited edition and then we find the holy grail of bras, purchase all the colours we can only to find the bra is just as disappointing as the bra we previously bought.

Here are some tips to avoid making the same mistake.

  1. Empower yourself with information, read the blogs, the product reviews and make your own conclusions.
  2. Measure yourself, and then compare the size to the one you will be offered in store
  3. If your bra size 32, 34, 36 etc. is bigger than your pants size you know you are wearing the wrong size (unless your pants are really tight)
  4. We all know that if your bra band rides up your back it is too big. Adjusting your band to the correct size so that your cup compliments your new fit is tricky. Know that if you are happy with your cup size but bra rides up your back you need to go up a cup when you go down a band. Confusing? That’s why there are professional bra fitters trained to do this.
  5. Do not rely on your straps for the lift you need. If you are making your straps tighter you need a band adjustment. Straps do not support they assist the bra in support but they are not the primary support.
  6. Buy your bra snug, all bras stretch and if you buy your bra at a comfortable level you will be replacing it in a month.
  7. When you purchase a new bra it should be snug on the very last hook, this will allow you three options to make it tighter when the bra relaxes. Remember all bras are made of some form of elastic and are subject to stretch.
  8. Don’t assume that a bra is a superior fit just because it costs a lot. If you have the wrong size bra your expensive purchase is wasted.


If you really despise bra shopping and find yourself wearing bras that are not worth hanging on the line, it’s worth a tip to a professional bra fitter. While professional fitters are as hard to find as a good bra, it’s worth finding one and getting properly fitted.