• Perks Of Pre-Ordering Seasonal Bras

    Perks Of Pre-Ordering Seasonal Bras
    Yip! We’ve all heard it before - good things come to those who wait. This is especially true for our clients who choose to pre-order fashion (limited-edition) lingerie and swimwear items that haven’t been officially launched yet. Pre-ordering in advance may mean that it takes a little longer for you to receive your purchase, but it’s definitely worth the wait... we promise! Pre-ordering from us offers you two major benefits: Guaranteed goods and better budgeting.  GUARANTEED GOODS  Only a limited number of seasonal colours and styles are manufactured, making them a limited-edition. As a general rule...
  • Why a Liza Clifford Gift Card Really Is The Most Thoughtful Gift

    Why a Liza Clifford Gift Card Really Is The Most Thoughtful Gift
    In the past, the giving of gift vouchers has received a bad reputation for being thoughtless and impersonal but, in today’s busy world, this just isn’t true anymore. The truth is that a gift card - especially one that has been thoughtfully chosen - truly does make the perfect gift. Imagine being given the power to choose and the time to find something you want, COST-FREE!  What’s not to love about that!?  Need more convincing? According to an American survey, 60% of all consumers questioned have gift vouchers to their favourite stores and services at the very...
  • This Is How Your Bra Should Fit

    This Is How Your Bra Should Fit
    An alarming 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size. Most commonly their band size is too big while their cup size is too small, but getting the perfect fit from your bra REALLY matters. The key to getting the most from your bras (and swimwear) is knowing the basics of how it should fit because when you wear a bra or swimsuit that fits your unique body perfectly, you will always look and feel your best! Many women don’t make their bra fit a priority, but the frightening truth is that wearing the wrong...
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