• Long Live The Longline Bra!

    Long Live The Longline Bra!
      Lingerie has a long history. From girdles and stockings to thongs and push-up bras, we’ve seen so many pieces come, go, and then return again throughout the decades - and the classic longline bra is one of them. But if you think that you can't indulge in this oh-so-sultry trend because you have a fuller bust... Think again!  Oh Rejoice!  Just in case it isn't immediately clear, a longline or bralette shape has fabric that extends below the cups and band and covers the upper torso - generally ending at the waistline. Especially true for underwired options,...
  • The Benefits Of A Properly Fitted Sports Bra

    The Benefits Of A Properly Fitted Sports Bra
    Unsupported breasts are not only uncomfortable and a nuisance during a workout, but did you know that lack of proper support can also lead to injury and irreparable breast damage? It’s no secret that physical activity - at any level - causes your breasts to move in every direction imaginable. Repetitive and unsupported movement of this kind can cause the supporting ligaments in your breasts to stretch, leading to unwelcome sagging. The scary truth is that 86% of women are not wearing their perfect fit sports bra. This means that 86% of women are exercising with breasts that aren't effectively supported, resulting in irreversible ligament...
  • Pay For Your Purchase Over 3 Interest-Free Months With PayJustNow.

    Pay For Your Purchase Over 3 Interest-Free Months With PayJustNow.
      We could all use a little help with making our money go further, so wouldn’t it be great if you could pay for your purchases over 3 equal monthly instalments without having to worry about additional interest charges? Well, now you can! PayJustNow offers you an attractive, responsible and rewarding alternative to credit when shopping with us online, and the freedom to buy what you need today and spread the full payment over 3 months, interest-free. PayJustNow is always #zerointerest, and there are never additional fees when you pay on time.  So, here's how it...
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