Why The Perfect Fit Really Matters

Why the perfect fit really matters

Did you know that 85.1% of women can’t find the right bra size and have gone their entire life wearing the wrong one? Or how about the 30% of women who don’t feel like their bra offers them sufficient support?

 Before the panic sets in, let’s get to the bottom of it! 

At Liza Clifford, we know that no two women are the same, which is why we have an ongoing survey inclusive of diverse ages and sizes. We do this not just to investigate the number of women who wear an ill-fitting bra in South Africa but to listen to them and find out how we can better address their common, and often recurring pain points. 

According to the results of 311 women, 44.7 % have never used a fitting service to find their actual bra size. This is 139 women surveyed who have never known what true support feels like.

While you may not know that you’re wearing the incorrect bra size, you may certainly be able to feel and see it.

From shoulder, neck and back pain to discomfort and poor posture, an Ill-fitting bra isn’t just uncomfortable but can have adverse effects on your body and self-confidence.

 Here are 7 signs that you are not wearing a correctly fitted bra: 

  1. Bra spillage: breast tissue spills as a result of your band not fitting snug enough. This usually occurs when your bra does not sufficiently support and hold your breasts close to your body.
  2.  Shoulder straps are too tight and dig in: Many women don’t realize that the band of their bra plays a significant role in providing support. 
  3. Underwires digging in: The underwire of your bra needs to be fitting around your breast tissue rather than on it. Too often underwire digging is the result of an ill-fitted bra, leading to tissue damage and discomfort.
  4. Gore or center not sitting flush: If the cup size of your bra is too small then there may be a gap at the center, preventing the bra from offering complete support. 
  5. Falling bra straps: If the straps are too big or not adjusted accordingly, they fall and hinder the support the bra is meant to provide (80% of the support comes from the band and 20% from straps) Rather leave that straps are supportive off. If the straps are not adjusted properly they may fall down but it is most probably a sign that your bra bands may be too big, as the distance between two straps depends on the bra band’s size. If your band is too big for your frame the straps will be too far apart, likely causing them to fall off. 
  6. Bra bands riding up your back: Your bra band often rides up when it is too big. This causes the breast tissue to weigh down due to a lack of support from the band continuously shifting, instead of laying secure on your body. Additionally, it also indicates that your bra band is too big. 
  7. Gaping cup: Many women struggle to find the right cup to band ratio. This is often the result of the bra band being too big. In most cases, if you reduce the band size and increase the cup size, you’ll often find that the gap disappears.
  8. Rubbing and chaffing: this occurs as a result of friction between your bra fabric and your skin. If the bra is not perfectly snug, it can often lead to tissue damage, swelling and redness.

It is clear that most issues related to an ill-fitting bra are the result of the bra band being too big. However, reducing the size of the band won’t always solve the problem. This is why at Liza Clifford,

we pride ourselves on going above and beyond, not just in providing custom-fit bras, but with the knowledge to achieve complete support. Because as we all know, it isn't always as simple as it should be. 

At Liza Clifford, we exist to help women feel empowered. From shape and lift, to comfort through the support our bras offer, we help you find your perfect fit. Don’t wait around to find yourself at the mercy of bra-related issues. Book a fitting today to experience the true essence of support.


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