• Benefits Of Wearing Bra-Sized Swimwear

    Benefits Of Wearing Bra-Sized Swimwear
    Can you really define a 'size 16' bust? If you've been professionally fitted by us, you will know that you can’t. Women's bodies come in all sorts of beautiful and unique shapes and sizes, and this is why it's so important to finding YOUR unique and perfect fit when it comes to swimwear and lingerie.  The right fit guarantees proper support, comfort and confidence and we all know that when you feel good on the inside, it shows on the outside too.   # PutOnCourage!  A perfect fit is vital to feeling confident in a swimsuit, regardless of your...
  • We are Hiring in Durban (Kloof) October 2022

    We are Hiring in Durban (Kloof) October 2022
    13 October 2022 We are looking for someone really special to join our family of sales consultants in Durban at our Kloof Studio We would like her to be warm, encouraging, outgoing and have a strong work ethic. Our ideal team member needs to work independently, be self motivated and collaborate with her team members in other studios in SA. She should have an insatiable desire to serve the women who seek her help. Basic computer skills are essential with a good understanding of the MS suite. Training will be provided as our professional bra fitting...
  • The Naked Truth About Nude Underwear

    The Naked Truth About Nude Underwear
    A great outfit begins with a good foundation – Your perfect fit bra. But just because a bra has been labelled "nude" does not make it YOUR nude. The spectrum for neutrality is wide when it comes to underwear, and you are not doing your wardrobe or yourself any favours by not choosing the right nudes (because there are quite a few) for your unique skin colour.The classic nude bra is the unsung hero of intimate wear and every woman should have at least one well-fitted flesh coloured bra in her underwear arsenal. Many lighter skinned women believe that white...
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