• How Our E-fittings Bra Appointments Work

    How Our E-fittings Bra Appointments Work
    Our Liza Clifford Team is committed to the perfect fit. We find ourselves in a very strange situation, where we are torn between our purest perfect fit philosophy and getting bras to women who need the support of a well-fitted bra. Your safety and health is our primary concern but this means that our usual fitting process, a one-on-one hour-long consultation, won't be possible for a long time.   Please Don't Feel Self Conscious.   We won't ask you to do anything you don't want to do. You feeling supported is what we love to offer.  For years we have been doing eFittings for...
  • Put On Courage!

    Put On Courage!
    It’s been almost ten years now that we have been dedicating our time and efforts into empowering women to feel supported, and beautiful. Who would have thought that a simple bra could do all that! The truth of the matter is… it’s so much more than just a simple bra.  QUALITY  It’s a range of the best quality, ethically sourced bras, which are extensively available in every size. We understand that every body is different and every woman has a unique shape and size. We embrace these bodies, as should you, and cater to everyone from...
  • All The Details You Need To Know About What We Do

    If a bra size calculator or a measuring service is not working for you it's time to take your bra fit seriously and book a consultation to be properly assessed, fitted and educated in your perfect fitting bra or swimwear! We know your pain, we have been there, done that and own the oversized t-shirt too! We have a team of passionate, trained bra fitting consultants who live to see the look on your face when you realise and see your optimum body because of a well-fitted bra. Our vision is that every woman will feel...
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