How Our E-fittings Bra Appointments Work

How Our E-fittings Bra Appointments Work

Our Liza Clifford Team is committed to the perfect fit. We find ourselves in a very strange situation, where we are torn between our purest perfect fit philosophy and getting bras to women who need the support of a well-fitted bra. Your safety and health is our primary concern but this means that our usual fitting process, a one-on-one hour-long consultation, won't be possible for a long time. 

 Please Don't Feel Self Conscious. 

 We won't ask you to do anything you don't want to do. You feeling supported is what we love to offer. 

For years we have been doing eFittings for our out-of-town clients and those who just need a little advice without the inconvenience of having to travel to one of our studios in S.A. This process is designed to get you bras that will support you. We do not want to expose you in unnecessarily in any way.

This is how the process works...


Book your online fitting HERE!

Click on the above link, fill in your details and we will contact you via WhatsApp or email shortly. Once a 30-minute slot has been booked you will need a tape measure, your best fitting bra (don't worry if this isn't a great bra, this is what we're here for), and a stand to place your mobile device on so that you are completely hands-free. 


Fill in the questionnaire HERE!

Fill in the questionnaire as accurately as possible. Your answers will help your fitter tailor your appointment to suit your specific needs and will answer any of your bra or fit related questions. Please add any details or information that you feel is important, even if it isn't addressed in the questionnaire. We want ALL the information we can get.


There are so many options available, but we have found WhatsApp video calls to be the best and most convenient for all our clients. Should you not have WhatsApp, we can arrange a Google Hangout or Zoom call. Please ensure that you have a stable internet connection and your phone, tablet or computer is fully charged and completely hands-free.


Once your fitter has assessed you and made a decision on your unique and perfect size, she will invoice you for the bra or bras you choose. Once payment has been received we will courier your purchase to you, given that we are able to send bras at the time. Due to COVID19 restrictions, there may be some unavoidable delays.

When you receive your purchase, you will require a further online appointment. This is so that your fitter can confirm that she has selected the best options for you. Should you or your fitter not be happy with the fit, we will gladly arrange collection of your bra and a more suitable alternative will be sent in its place. It's not unusual to have the first option not work so don't panic. Just having a well-constructed bra on will allow your fitter to offer you a better assessment and advice you further on your bra options. 


Once you've found your perfect fit you can order anything from your personal fitter or ONLINE STORE with confidence. Our process is designed to empower you to make better bra choices from any outlet that offers your size. Keep your fitter's details and WhatsApp her whenever you need advice.

You don't have to navigate this journey alone. We can be your new BFF (Breast Friend Forever).

 But have you found your perfect fit yet?  

If you're looking to discover your perfect fit, or have been fitted by us before and just need a refit CLICK HERE to book a fitting at a Liza Clifford Bra Fitting Studio near you or an online eFitting. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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Should you have any questions, email us at INFO@LIZACLIFFORD.COM or call us on 087 135 9345 and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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