Getting Personal With Liza Clifford

Beginners Guide: How To Protect Your Child From Inappropriate Content

It never occurred to me that I would be writing about how to protect my child from my device. The fascinating truth is that my tool hurt him and took his innocence away and sparked a curiosity he did not even know he had. I thought my child was protected from Porn, he only ever searched “Dino’s with beeg teeth” and “Cute Pupies” what could go wrong and besides those insane videos are for over 18’s and you have to prove that you are over 18. Right? Oh so very wrong! My son and I were having a casual conversation...

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My Version Of Sexy

bras fitted lingerie sexy lingerie

Growing up I always wondered why my small body was blessed with the breasts I was blessed with. I found my form anything but sexy contrary to what I should’ve felt based on the definition of sexy. My, then DD’s were anything but while my 30 clothing size was coveted by most. Finding my first fitting bra was anything but sexy and yet I felt complete. My confidence soared and I started to feel “normal” again. Exercise became part of my day again and while I could not wear skinny strapped outfits I felt quite, well, “sexy”. It was not...

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