Liza Clifford is a Bra Fitting Expert service that is passionate about fitting clients with the best possible size in a product of the highest quality available.

The company was founded by Liza Clifford in 2011 and has grown tremendously over last few years through meticulous, uncompromising standards. Product is sourced from suppliers directly and chosen for their ethical practice.

We started as a small private boutique where ladies of all ages could be fitted without the interruptions of other clients. The concept has growing reaching women in Kwazulu Natal and Johannesburg.

We fit by appointment only because we want to limit interruptions to a specialised service. Bra fitting is not about a tape measure or visual estimation; it’s about listening to the client and establishing how we can help with her bra.

Catering to the “bigger bust” or the D+ market excluded women who find it equally difficult to buy bras in the smaller bust section; we then expanded our services to everyone in the hope that every woman can feel supported and therefore beautiful.

Fitting by appointment meant that our clients who had received our unique service found it difficult to “just buy” from us without making an appointment: remembering that every client is seen privately and cannot be interrupted. The launch of our online website was decided to make shopping for clients who were fitted by an Expert Liza Clifford Fitter happy with their size.

Our Mission: To fit every woman in the correct bra not the closest fit, every woman deserves to feel supported and therefore beautiful.

We are customer focused, trying our best to provide the very best service for a problem that has very little solution i.e. finding the perfect fitting bra. While it may take a while to find the product we will not rest until our client is satisfied with their bra.

Our fitting principles are taken from the British standards of fitting which has been tried and tested and works. We apply this fitting principle to all our clients and has shown tremendous results in both lift and shape. Liza Clifford fitters cannot compromise on this technique as it does change the way a bra fits and supports.

The website is an extension of our service to you the client because we cannot get to everyone. We will always advocate a bra fitting by a trained Liza Clifford Expert, however if you are not able to see one of our experts we are available through the Fitting guide, our Expert Fitters and by phone: 0861 333 77 9. It is not advisable to simply purchase a bra based on your current size, always seek help from one of our trained fitters before making your investment.



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