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January 2014



I have sent a reply to the survey below yesterday..but I need to add a comment. I was seriously considering breast reduction surgery as the shoulder and back pains were becoming too severe and I could NEVER find a bra that fitted me in ANY shop! Your company and products have given me a new lease in is the last thing on my mind now and all my clothes fit soo much better. J I no longer feel awkward and like my breasts are the only thing people notice about me.


I went from a 32DD [I already knew I was not a 32 but could not find a smaller size in stores] to a 28GG. And the cup covers everything up…no spillages!!!









May 2014


Dear Liza


Your service is excellent.  Thank you – love my tankini and yes would love to see you. Please let me know when you in JHB.


Kind regards






June 2013



So impressed with how much I learnt having a proper fitting and thrilled with the new sizing and fit, feel like a million bucks!
Olivia Symcox
October 2013
Do your boobs hang low,  then to Liza Clifford you must go! A professional bra fitting will revolutionise your life and do wonders for your waist line! #TrueStory
Lauren Holmes
May 2014
I just had the most wonderful experience at Liza Clifford! Adele was so helpful, informative and made me feel so good about my body! I will definitely be back! The service is outstanding! Thank you Liza and Adele! :-)
Tami McKenzie
May 2014
Thanks again to Liza and adele for my new bras. Once you wear a Liza Clifford bra you can't wear anything else

 Leeanne Wood 


January 2014

The best experience ever!
Barbara Hickley
November 2014
The best investment I ever made...only wear ur bras, have donated all others, neva even knew that bras came in a size 30 FF! Will be booking another appt for more bras and cozi's now that summer is here. Liza Clifford - u guys rock!
Anoushka Naidoo
April 2014
Went for a bra fitting today,  it was great.  Left with fab feeling boobs.  Thank you team
Debbie Dimitriou
April 2014
Panache sports bra is a super bra!  It kept everything in place while quad biking in rough terrain.  Definitely my best bra investment.
Robyn Charnley
May 2014
Thank you so much for making every appointment so special, and for always giving the best service! Best value for service, friendly staff and professional fitting experience! Love my new underwear xx
Liza Du Preez



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