Bra Fitting Advice — Bra Sizes

How A Bra Should Fit

Bra Sizes Correct size professional bra fitting

The straps on a bra should be snug but not tight. You should be able to drop your straps and your breasts do not move The bra band should be horizontal The Wire of a bra should extend from your sternum (breast bone) to under your arm (not on your breast) The centre gore of the bra (the front of the bra) should lie flat against your chest The wire of the bra should follow the “smile” of your breast Breast tissue will not spill out of a well fitted bra There should be no sign of breast outside of the...

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How do you know you are wearing the wrong bra size?

Bra Sizes Correct size fitted lingerie Lift in Bras Professional Bra Fitting Side Boob Side Support Straps digging in

  You rely on your straps for support You are always looking for thicker straps You feel like you need more lift You can never find the right cup: if you go down a cup it’s too small, if you go up a cup it’s too big Your band rides up your back Your breast eithers peek out or fall out the bottom of your bra You are constantly readjusting your bra You feel like your breasts want to fall out of your bra when you bend over You have considered breast surgery You have an obvious spill out of...

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Do You Scoop?

Bra Fitting Bra Sizes How to scoop Professional Bra Fitting Scooping

The Scoop ensures that you have no breast pinched behind the wire or underneath. The bra will now fit very snuggly and will feel uncomfortable for the first five to seven wears.   The Scoop Hold your bra wire firmly with the same side arm. Make sure that you hold the bra wire on the outer end of the bra. With the other hand, gently pull your entire breast away from the outer wire resisting with the other hand. You should feel like you are lifting your entire breast out of the front of the bra. Now your breast is...

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Eight Facts To Consider When Buying a Bra

Bra Fitting Bra Sizes

Finding the perfect fitting bra in South Africa is like finding a needle in a haystack. We search and search for this limited edition and then we find the holy grail of bras, purchase all the colours we can only to find the bra is just as disappointing as the bra we previously bought. Here are some tips to avoid making the same mistake. Empower yourself with information, read the blogs, the product reviews and make your own conclusions. Measure yourself, and then compare the size to the one you will be offered in store If your bra size 32,...

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