Bra Fitting Advice — Correct size

How Does A Professional Bra Fitting Aid Breast Health?

Breast Health Correct size professional bra fitting Straps digging in

   Firstly let’s define what a “Professional Bra Fitting” in the Liza Clifford experience is: It’s a reasonable amount of time set aside for a trained person to assess, educate and fit a lady for the perfect fit(not the closest fit). It is hard to explain what we do to someone who feels they are wearing the correct size because unless you have had this experience you will always be content with what you believe to be a “Professional Fitting”. What is not is a measurement or a sizing by sight. It’s important to have a PBF because unless you...

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How A Bra Should Fit

Bra Sizes Correct size professional bra fitting

The straps on a bra should be snug but not tight. You should be able to drop your straps and your breasts do not move The bra band should be horizontal The Wire of a bra should extend from your sternum (breast bone) to under your arm (not on your breast) The centre gore of the bra (the front of the bra) should lie flat against your chest The wire of the bra should follow the “smile” of your breast Breast tissue will not spill out of a well fitted bra There should be no sign of breast outside of the...

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How do you know you are wearing the wrong bra size?

Bra Sizes Correct size fitted lingerie Lift in Bras Professional Bra Fitting Side Boob Side Support Straps digging in

  You rely on your straps for support You are always looking for thicker straps You feel like you need more lift You can never find the right cup: if you go down a cup it’s too small, if you go up a cup it’s too big Your band rides up your back Your breast eithers peek out or fall out the bottom of your bra You are constantly readjusting your bra You feel like your breasts want to fall out of your bra when you bend over You have considered breast surgery You have an obvious spill out of...

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Bra Fitting Vs Measuring

Bras Correct size Professional Bra Fitting

What To Expect In Your Bra Fitting Experience Each client is allocated a fitter. This especially chosen and trained lady will guide you through your bra journey at Liza Clifford. It is very important that your first fitting be uninterrupted so that it is accurate as this sets the tone for all future purchases at Liza Clifford or any other retail outlet. Your Bra Size Is Your Size and Should Not Change It is important to note that the size you are fitted as at Liza Clifford is the size you are at other retailers. Most of the sizes available...

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