How Does A Professional Bra Fitting Aid Breast Health?


Firstly let’s define what a “Professional Bra Fitting” in the Liza Clifford experience is: It’s a reasonable amount of time set aside for a trained person to assess, educate and fit a lady for the perfect fit(not the closest fit).

It is hard to explain what we do to someone who feels they are wearing the correct size because unless you have had this experience you will always be content with what you believe to be a “Professional Fitting”. What is not is a measurement or a sizing by sight.

It’s important to have a PBF because unless you are trained there is no way you can know how a bra should feel let alone what it should fit like. A bra’s primary function is to support, having a beautiful bra is just a bonus. Bras were not made to accessorise your wardrobe they were made to enhance it. With all that said, the bra is the evil garment that can either make your amazing garment look as amazing as it was intended to be or make it look like a train wreck.

As far as breast health is concerned we need to know that the incorrect bra can cause a considerable amount of damage. It is also important to mention that bad bras or any bras for that matter do not cause breast cancer.

  1. A misplaced wire can rub on your breast tissue causing discomfort and scarring. This is caused when the cup is far too small and the wire does not line up with the armpit. If you find that your cup gapes when increasing the cup size you need to go smaller in the band.
  2. Shoulder straps that hold all the weight of your breasts cause pressure build up and result in headaches and neck spasms. A good bra is designed to support from the bottom not for the top. If you feel that if you loosen your bra straps you will compromise your support chances are your band is too big and you are wearing the wrong size. A good support should support when you release your straps or slip them off your shoulders. Its takes a while to get used to the change in support and sometimes this can feel like you have a bra that is not right, but if you consider how long your body has made use of only the tiny straps to support it is easy to conclude that the body needs a considerable amount of time to adjust to the change. Changes come from different muscles needed to support the breasts and the relief experienced from the straps being released can cause a spasm in itself. I have not even begun to mention the very obvious furrows that develop over time on the shoulder: fortunately this is reversible.
  3. Good support will enhance your posture. When the weight of your breasts is lifted from your neck your are forced to stand up straight with your shoulders in a relaxed state. You will not feel the need to hide your breasts because they are managed.

It is almost impossible to do this yourself, if you do have access to a Professional Fitter make use of it. Make sure your fitter is trained and knows what they are doing. If you don’t need to make an appointment chances are you will have to share the attention of your trained specialist and you will not get the specialised care you deserve and need.


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