A Well Fitted Sports Bra Is Important in Breast Health


This week we speak about how supporting your breasts while exercising is important to your breast health. At a time when we are all looking to shed a few extra kilo’s before the swim season everyone is exercising madly. Your first important decision should be to get a well fitted sports bra to support your moving breasts.

We have many women waiting to lose weight before purchasing a sports bra. Losing weight will mean that you will need a new bra but it is not worth waiting to lose the weight before purchasing this necessity. A well fitted sports bra will not only stop excessive movement it will prevent the pain associated with excessive movement and reduce the stretch associated with lack of support in exercise.

A well fitted sports bra should support from the top (upward movement) and from the bottom (downward movement). Contrary to popular belief support does not come from the straps, this will only cause discomfort during vigorous exercise. Support comes from encapsulating the breast and making sure it is snug enough to limit movement. At this stage many women use more than one bra compressing the breasts into one mass. This makes the breasts heavier and more difficult to support. When each breast is encapsulated into its own cup it supports individually making it easier to support.

It is really difficult to choose a sports bra based on a measuring service. A good sports bra assessment should be done by fitting and jumping in the bra. If you are purchasing a bra that is bigger than your pants size it is the first sign that your sports bra is not a good fit and it will not support. Do not buy a bra if it is only available in a small med or large. Good supportive sports bras come in cup sizes.

It does not matter how big or small your breasts are if you are looking for a sports bra you are experiencing some discomfort while exercising and it means you need good support.

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