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Why you need a Professional Fitting before you buy your next bra June 05 2017

With this term loosely used today it's no wonder ladies are confused as to what this is or is not.

Every beautiful woman has a unique body shape. Let's face it there is a reason why so many women have hang ups about bra shopping. We make it an event only to be disappointed so we trawl online platforms hoping that we will find the perfect solution. Promises of the perfect fit leave us grieving for the perfect solution. Receiving a measuring service at a retail store is not a Professional Bra Fitting. It's the best they can do with the limited staff and resources. 

Our consultation involves a three step approach that requires a hour of your precious time, but can save you much time and lots of money. This carefully designed three step approach will help you make better bra purchasing decisions which means less frustration and more time to spend on other things. We keep all your information so that future purchases are easier. If you feel you have to try on every bra you need a professional bra fitting. This is a definitive size and should be applicable to all bras.

We do believe that there are no bad bras or bad breasts just bad fits. What this means is that there is a bra for every women you just need to be paired with the correct one. Size curves are always expanding to accommodate all the different sizes. There are fourteen back sizes now from 28 to 56. There are 15 different cup sizes in every band selection making the combination 210 sizes available to all the different shapes and sizes women come in.

Before you waste another cent on a bra do yourself a favour and book a professional fitting now. Book Now 

This is why an appointment is necessary and if you're not making an appointment you are not getting the best advice.


If you think finding a bra is easy stop reading this now, there are many reason why women have issues with this process. Breasts shape, however many names have been given to them for the sake of a joke or medically, affect fit.

Breasts that look exactly the same may be completely different sizes and breasts that look nothing a like may be the same size. There is no exact science and that is why it is so important to have a specialist assist you.


We have seen so many women who feel big and look big but who have small back sizes. The reverse is true too. This is the measurement directly under your bust. This measurement is usually taken incorrectly.. When breasts are not supported the measurement will be a lot lower therefore introducing the waist measurement and not the underbust. This is also one of the many reasons I do not hold much faith in an online bra size calculator. This is where you measure yourself and use either a table or an app to interpret your.


There are many names given to different female forms I prefer not to stereotype body shapes. The different combinations can and do affect measurements and can be very misleading. Bra styles are affected most here and careful consideration is given to ladies who do not fit the average and are uniquely different.

I urge you not to look to the bra but rather to the fit. Does your bra do what it is meant to do and that is support your breasts and give your body the optimum shape no matter what your size? If you are left wanting more do not purchase another bra until you have had a professional bra fitting by one of our trained consultants.

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A Well Fitted Sports Bra Is Important in Breast Health October 19 2014


This week we speak about how supporting your breasts while exercising is important to your breast health. At a time when we are all looking to shed a few extra kilo’s before the swim season everyone is exercising madly. Your first important decision should be to get a well fitted sports bra to support your moving breasts.

We have many women waiting to lose weight before purchasing a sports bra. Losing weight will mean that you will need a new bra but it is not worth waiting to lose the weight before purchasing this necessity. A well fitted sports bra will not only stop excessive movement it will prevent the pain associated with excessive movement and reduce the stretch associated with lack of support in exercise.

A well fitted sports bra should support from the top (upward movement) and from the bottom (downward movement). Contrary to popular belief support does not come from the straps, this will only cause discomfort during vigorous exercise. Support comes from encapsulating the breast and making sure it is snug enough to limit movement. At this stage many women use more than one bra compressing the breasts into one mass. This makes the breasts heavier and more difficult to support. When each breast is encapsulated into its own cup it supports individually making it easier to support.

It is really difficult to choose a sports bra based on a measuring service. A good sports bra assessment should be done by fitting and jumping in the bra. If you are purchasing a bra that is bigger than your pants size it is the first sign that your sports bra is not a good fit and it will not support. Do not buy a bra if it is only available in a small med or large. Good supportive sports bras come in cup sizes.

It does not matter how big or small your breasts are if you are looking for a sports bra you are experiencing some discomfort while exercising and it means you need good support.

Our fitters are waiting to help you find your perfect fit.