Bra Fitting Advice — Underwire Bra

Why you need a Professional Fitting before you buy your next bra

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With this term loosely used today it's no wonder ladies are confused as to what this is or is not. Every beautiful woman has a unique body shape. Let's face it there is a reason why so many women have hang ups about bra shopping. We make it an event only to be disappointed so we trawl online platforms hoping that we will find the perfect solution. Promises of the perfect fit leave us grieving for the perfect solution. Receiving a measuring service at a retail store is not a Professional Bra Fitting. It's the best they can do with...

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The Centre of my Bra does not lie flat

Bra Fitting Professional Bra Fitting Underwire Bra

This is quite a common problem, another one of those problems that just gets accepted as the status quo. “I have difficult breasts” issues. If your bra does not sit flat between your breasts it is not your breasts but because of two very simple reasons. Your size is wrong Your style is wrong. I always suggest you go for a proper assessment with a qualified professional fitter who will Assess, Educate and Fit you. This takes time so if you are not making an appointment for this service you are either going to be interrupted by other clients or...

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Underwire Bras Versus Soft Cups

non-wire Bra Soft cup Bra Underwire Bra

Choosing a bra based on whether it has a wire or not is a preference not a necessity. Let me explain: when someone insists that a soft cup (wire free bra) is more comfortable we can almost guarantee that she is wearing the wrong size. The reasons why wires are uncomfortable are based on the following: The wire is misplaced, this is a term I use often, and this simply means that the wire is rubbing against very sensitive breast tissue. If your wire is not on the other side of your breast tissue it will cause many problems: While...

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