Bra Fitting Advice

Why you need a Professional Fitting before you buy your next bra June 05 2017

With this term loosely used today it's no wonder ladies are confused as to what this is or is not.

Every beautiful woman has a unique body shape. Let's face it there is a reason why so many women have hang ups about bra shopping. We make it an event only to be disappointed so we trawl online platforms hoping that we will find the perfect solution. Promises of the perfect fit leave us grieving for the perfect solution. Receiving a measuring service at a retail store is not a Professional Bra Fitting. It's the best they can do with the limited staff and resources. 

Our consultation involves a three step approach that requires a hour of your precious time, but can save you much time and lots of money. This carefully designed three step approach will help you make better bra purchasing decisions which means less frustration and more time to spend on other things. We keep all your information so that future purchases are easier. If you feel you have to try on every bra you need a professional bra fitting. This is a definitive size and should be applicable to all bras.

We do believe that there are no bad bras or bad breasts just bad fits. What this means is that there is a bra for every women you just need to be paired with the correct one. Size curves are always expanding to accommodate all the different sizes. There are fourteen back sizes now from 28 to 56. There are 15 different cup sizes in every band selection making the combination 210 sizes available to all the different shapes and sizes women come in.

Before you waste another cent on a bra do yourself a favour and book a professional fitting now. Book Now 

This is why an appointment is necessary and if you're not making an appointment you are not getting the best advice.


If you think finding a bra is easy stop reading this now, there are many reason why women have issues with this process. Breasts shape, however many names have been given to them for the sake of a joke or medically, affect fit.

Breasts that look exactly the same may be completely different sizes and breasts that look nothing a like may be the same size. There is no exact science and that is why it is so important to have a specialist assist you.


We have seen so many women who feel big and look big but who have small back sizes. The reverse is true too. This is the measurement directly under your bust. This measurement is usually taken incorrectly.. When breasts are not supported the measurement will be a lot lower therefore introducing the waist measurement and not the underbust. This is also one of the many reasons I do not hold much faith in an online bra size calculator. This is where you measure yourself and use either a table or an app to interpret your.


There are many names given to different female forms I prefer not to stereotype body shapes. The different combinations can and do affect measurements and can be very misleading. Bra styles are affected most here and careful consideration is given to ladies who do not fit the average and are uniquely different.

I urge you not to look to the bra but rather to the fit. Does your bra do what it is meant to do and that is support your breasts and give your body the optimum shape no matter what your size? If you are left wanting more do not purchase another bra until you have had a professional bra fitting by one of our trained consultants.

Call us on 0861333779 or we have studios all over South Africa and we cannot wait to help you.



The Centre of my Bra does not lie flat July 14 2014

This is quite a common problem, another one of those problems that just gets accepted as the status quo. “I have difficult breasts” issues. If your bra does not sit flat between your breasts it is not your breasts but because of two very simple reasons.

  1. Your size is wrong
  2. Your style is wrong.

I always suggest you go for a proper assessment with a qualified professional fitter who will Assess, Educate and Fit you. This takes time so if you are not making an appointment for this service you are either going to be interrupted by other clients or you are not getting a proper fitting.

If you are not able to find a proper fitting service then these are some things to look for.

Firstly let’s look at the symptoms of the centre gore not sitting flat between the breasts (this is another way of saying the centre of my bra does not sit flat)

  1. Your breasts are not separated into two supported breasts
  2. You have permanent cleavage and you perspire between your breasts
  3. Your breasts are squashed flat rather than into two separate breasts making it appear like a tyre around your body.
  4. The centre of the bra can be pulled away from the body easily.

Now let’s look at how we can remedy this:

  1. Your size needs adjustment

If your cup is too small and band is too big you will never get the centre gore to lie flat against your chest. You may wonder how your band can be made smaller and still fit or fit better? When you decrease your band size you need to increase your cup, the cup size may change significantly- up to 10 cup sizes and in some cases more. If your band is correct and your cup is too small you may still find it may not fit. A simple cup adjustment may take a very tight bra to a snug, supportive garment.

I stress at this point that all of the guess work can be taken out of the equation when you see a qualified professional fitter.

  1. The style of your bra needs to be assessed

This can be done through trial and error which can be a very expensive exercise or by consulting someone who is qualified to do so. Some women have a very narrow space between their breasts while some have breasts that are spaced quite far apart.

Some women may benefit from a plunge bra, but a balcony bra that comes up quite high in the front can help separate the breasts allowing the centre gore to lie flat. Breasts that lie far apart will benefit from a side support that guides the breast forward. This exercise can be very slimming and make your breasts look very small.


A good professional bra fitter will help you make better buying decisions and help you understand why you need to completely change the way you look at your bra. It is worth the investment in time as you will save yourself a lot of money and time when you know exactly how it should fit and why it feels so different.



Underwire Bras Versus Soft Cups April 09 2014

Choosing a bra based on whether it has a wire or not is a preference not a necessity. Let me explain: when someone insists that a soft cup (wire free bra) is more comfortable we can almost guarantee that she is wearing the wrong size.

The reasons why wires are uncomfortable are based on the following:

  1. The wire is misplaced, this is a term I use often, and this simply means that the wire is rubbing against very sensitive breast tissue. If your wire is not on the other side of your breast tissue it will cause many problems:
  2. While there is no clinical data supporting the fact that wires cause cancer, I believe that a wire that digs into your breast tissue will cause trauma eventually resulting in scar tissue. Make sure your wire is as far back as possible in line with your armpit and then scoop whatever tissue may be under your arm into the cup away from the wire. One of the many reasons why a professional fitting is so important is that a fitter will educate you on this process.
  3. The discomfort of a misplaced bra wire is usually because the bra band is so loose that it moves and rubs against the breast tissue. Choosing a snug fit is uncomfortable in the beginning but once your support is felt and the bra does not move you are on your way to a liberating bra experience.
  4. There is some evidence (American) that suggests that a misplaced wire can displace breast tissue. This is often experienced in the form of “side boob” “back fat” and in extreme cases just above the breast in the form of a fatty “pocket”. This is just an observation by physicians in the USA and one of the possible explanations is the misplaced wire. This may or may not be reversed by a properly fitted bra. I do not believe there is enough evidence to support this, however it does make sense when you see how bad some bras are and how an underwire can cause some terrible markings.


There is definitely an indication for a soft cup, however if you choose to wear a soft cup or a non-wire bra because you feel an underwire hurts you, the size is wrong. Soft cups are great for frail ladies or for ladies who like to sleep in a bra. While there may be a preference for a soft cup it is not possible to get the same support or shape as a well fitted underwire bra.

In our experience most ladies who insist on a soft cup are wearing the wrong size.



Having said all of the above we prefer to fit breast feeding mothers in a soft cup because they generally need to sleep in their bras. A lot of maternity/ feeding bras are available in a gentle flexi-wire and when they are fitted correctly they can be very comfortable and unobtrusive.


When choosing a bra and your preference for underwire vs soft cups make sure you are absolutely certain of your size. A well place wire does not hurt, it supports.