What To Look For In A Sports Bra

If performing star jumps or sprints in boot camp fills you with dread, this article is for you. We are not talking about your fitness level, but the impressive ability of your breasts to displace upwards and downwards. Bra support in exercise has never been easy, it’s rated as one of the top reasons why young girls in South Africa do not exercise.

Finding a sports bra is easy, finding a sports bra that supports is not. We are confident that we have found the magic formula to eliminating the bounce through carefully taking all support aspects into consideration.

How A Sports Bra Should Fit

Your sports bra should be snug around the body and hold you from the bottom and not the straps. We will delve into the specifics of every aspect of the fit in the next few helpful tips.

Your Bra Band Should Be Snug

There is a big different between compression and a snug supportive band. Compressing the breasts into one mass is not advisable. This is usually in the form of one or many crop tops or cups that are too small. When breasts are compressed they create a bigger mass making it impossible to support.

How Do You Know If You Are Compressing Your Breasts?

  • There is no space between your breasts. There is no differentiation, breasts have been clumped into one mass.

  • There is excessive breast tissue spilling under the arm and or in the chest area.

  • More than one bra is required to support.

  • There may or may not be a gap under the bra where breasts may spill out.

If you answer yes to at least one of these points you are compressing your breasts.

What Is A Snug Bra Band?

A snug band is a two-finger space created when the band is gently pulled away from the body. The clasps would be on the loosest hook, which means that when the bra stretches the bra can be made tighter.

This is easily measured by lifting the breasts as high as possible and measuring the circumference of the highest point directly under the breasts. The measurement in inches is the band size.

How Should Bra Cups Fit?

Sports bra cups should offer significant coverage. Ensuring that the upward and downward movement is managed. The cups should separate the two breasts into two separate masses, making it easier and lighter to support.

How Snug Should Bra Straps Be?

There should be little or no support offered by the straps. This is a sign that the bra band is correctly doing all the work. Straps should be snug enough not to fall off but if the correct bra is used the straps play little or no role in the comfort or support of the sports bra.

What Should Support Feel Like?

Sports bra support feels like breasts are being help against the body. The comfort of the bra should not be confused with the comfort of support. Initially a sports bra may feel restrictive but as the bra wears the comfort will be more apparent in the fact that there is no movement. A simple test is to either jump or run in front of a mirror. The presence of excessive movement will indicate how supportive the bra is.

What Is The Perfect Sports Bra?

There is no one perfect sports bra for all body shapes and sizes. There are ways to question whether your sports bra is the right one for you.

Your sports bra should not differ from your regular size by much. Runners may have a smaller back to eliminate any movement that ultimately causes chafe. Always purchase your sports bra from a studio that offers various types of sports bras. This means that careful consideration is given to different body types, shapes and sizes. There are different sports bras for different activity levels. Question the size availability, if the sports bra in question does not have a wide size curve, have you been given your perfect fit?

So Make Sure You Know Your Basic Bra Support Before Purchasing A Sports Bra

Do not be fooled by the price tag, a more expensive bra does not mean a superior bra. Invest in a proper fitting experience. This will require an appointment to ensure that you are the focus for at least the 30 minutes it takes to assess, fit and educate on the correct sports bra. If your size is not available do not settle for what is available. There are many different styles and sizes to suit all activity levels, your sports bra should fulfill your activity support requirements. There are many reasons why so many women give up on exercise, make sure your sports bra is not the reason you don’t love to be active.





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