Why you need swimwear fitted.

If you are lucky enough to walk into a shop and try on a few bikinis and able to purchase all of them you don't need us.

Our founder, as well as many other women, found it impossible to walk into a shop and purchase a bikini despite the option of many sizes and the availability of DD+ or bigger cup sizes. The fact that nothing fits means that we choose to criticise our bodies rather than the lack of advise.

We believe that there are no bad bras or bad breasts just bad fits. The only way to rectify this is to spend time fitting swimwear to your body and ensuring it does what you want it to. A well fitted bikini will make you feel confident because it holds you in place ensuring you are able to bend over, run, dive and do whatever you want to without holding your breasts or rearranging them.

It is worth spending time making an appointment to find your perfect fit. Once you have had a body optimising consultation you will never have to visit our studio again unless you lose more than 10kg's, have breast surgery or go through a drastic hormonal change like pregnancy, puberty (lets hope we don't do this more than once) or menopause. Whatever your consultant says your size is will be in  your SA size and you should be able buy in retailers and other boutiques provided they have invested in the many sizes available to you. The consultation helps you understand the way bras and bikinis work and how they fit so many different body shapes and sizes.

Stop choosing to change your body, embrace your unique shape because there is something that will work for your unique body shape.

Once you have your size (top and bottom) in a bikini, tankini or full swim piece you can either choose to purchase what is available or order from our extensive range available directly from the manufacturer in the UK.

We have spend time researching product and quality and we can guarantee fit and consistent sizing and if you are not entirely happy we will exchange it for you - no questions ask. Remember we want you to feel fabulous this summer.

We know this works because we have been helping women since 2010.

Are you ready to change your summer?

Give us a call on 0861333779 or email us on expert@lizaclifford.com.

We have many swim pieces to choose from. If you would like to have a look at our continuity range please visit our swimwear collection. Your dedicated consultant will show you so many more options when you make your appointment.

If you would like to know where the closest studio is simply click on our Book Now icon.

We look forward to helping you find summer bliss with new confidence in a swim piece.



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