Bras Versus Surgery By Tenley Cummings

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I, Tenley Cummings, have not been blessed with what you would call a full bust, so when I interviewed three of Liza Clifford’s regular clients I was taken aback by the pain – both physical and emotional - associated with having large breasts.

When twenty year old Dominque de Klerk told her boyfriend, Marchand, she had booked an appointment with a plastic surgeon to have a breast reduction he wasn’t surprised but was very anxious. He had experienced the disappointment and heart ache of Dom not finding a bra or bikini that fitted her properly. No retailer catered for a small back and large breasts and the bras ended up being uncomfortable and unsupportive and wearing a bikini was too risky. ‘’Jumping in the pool or swimming in the sea was never an option as invariably the bikini top and my breasts always parted ways’’, explains Dominque.

Marchand was worried about the risk of surgery and the fact that, with reductions, breast feeding is not an option. Twenty three year old Marchand asked whether Dom would still go ahead with the surgery if he found a solution – a perfect fitting bra that gave her the support she needed. After years of disappointment, Dominque said there was no such thing and he shouldn’t waste his time.

Marchand, who was flying helicopters in the Sudan at the time, knew he was running out of time so he did a google search and Liza Clifford Professional Bra Fitting Studio came up. He made an appointment and was ready to take Dominque the moment he landed back in the country. Dom didn’t share the same excitement and believed that, not only would it be a waste of time, but that it would be awkward and embarrassing. She was “over” her breasts being the centre of attention.

Dom was relieved when Marchand’s car broke down on the way to the appointment but Marchand was not giving up and organised a lift for them. ‘’If I was a child, I think he would have had to pull me into the fitting room kicking and screaming’’, laughs Dom.

‘’To my complete surprise I felt at ease from the moment I arrived. I was complimented and fussed over during the measuring process so that, by the time it came to fitting the bra on me, I felt a tinge of excitement. The moment I put on a LC bra, my posture changed and I instantly felt more confident. If you have never experienced the heart ache of unmanageable breasts, you won’t understand the joy you feel when, after six years, you eventually find a solution. At school I was called ‘DD Dom’ and hung my head in shame. I am in fact a 28 GG and proud of it. Needless to say, I cancelled my appointment with the surgeon and two months later I was back at the studio to buy a bikini for our trip to Mozambique’’, concludes Dom.

‘’She was the envy of everyone on the beach’’, chorused Marchand’s mom and gran, both who had experienced the frustration of larger than average breasts.

Marchand’s mom, Marlene Kraay, said that at the age of 18 her parent’s announced that they were moving to the coast and that same day she made an appointment with a plastic surgeon for a breast reduction. ‘’I hadn’t swam since Grade 7 because my breasts where too big’’, she explained.

The surgeon explained that she would have to wait three months for the procedure and Marlene said that was not an option. She was not moving to the coast without smaller breasts. He said that if she was prepared to go in at 2pm that day, he would make a plan.

Marlene phoned her mom who was in shock but understood Marlene’s dilemma having grown up with the same issue herself. Marlene was thrilled with the surgery even although her nipples were far higher than they should be. She had smaller breasts and that was all that counted. This attitude did however change, when it was time for her to get married. She went for another operation to cut the skin at the bottom of her breasts and fold it away bringing her nipples lower.

A year and a half ago Marlene was enquiring about going for surgery a third time, when Marchand introduced the family to Liza Clifford Professional Bra Fitting Studio.

‘’I went to my appointment with my mom, Marguerite, and she ended up having a fitting too. After seeing how the bras changed the shape of my breasts, elongated my waist and corrected my posture, I ordered a white, black, navy and flesh coloured bra in 30H. It was the best investment I ever made’’, says Marlene.

‘’My mom also ordered a bra but I was concerned she would not see out the wear-in process which Liza refers to as the WIP. When you buy a professionally fitted bra, the band is tight because, with time, it will adjust to fit you perfectly. Shop bought bras are great when you buy them, but with time, the band becomes too lose and the straps keep falling off not giving you the support you need’’, explains Marlene. ‘’My mom, in fact, had no problem with the WIP and at 74 ‘Ouma’ looks amazing!’’.

Jane’, Marchand’s 16 year old sister was the last to have a fitting and although she her breasts are not as big as the rest of her family’s she was thrilled with the sports bra which didn’t allow for any bounce. This is very important to young girls who don’t want to attract attention to themselves for the wrong reasons.

According to Dom, she often could not work out whether guys were interested in her, or only her breasts. ‘’It is frustrating when you are known for your chest size and not your personality, intelligence or sense of humour’’.

I, as a mother, am very conscious of helping to build a positive self-image for my daughter. Until speaking to Dom, Marlene and Marguerite, I was not aware of the trauma they went through from having unmanageable breasts. From giving up sport they loved, to refusing to get in a costume, to wearing oversized shirts to cover themselves up, these ladies felt self-conscious and helpless.

So in conclusion, if your breasts are causing you heartache instead of being the amazing assets they were created to be, try a professional bra fitting before heading for the knife. Who knows you might be the girl walking up and down the beach in her bikini, rather than hiding under an umbrella in an oversized t-shirt.

I almost forget…Marchand you are officially Liza Clifford’s first Male Ambassador. Taking such good care of the ladies in your life, makes you sexier than Justin Timberlake.

Until next time.

From a much more enlightened,

Tenley Cummings



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