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Thanking you for passing our name on to someone who needs us has been part of our process for some time now. Bra support is very important, but not an easy subject to share with other women and we acknowledge that this may come with some level of anxiety as to the reaction of the person you may be referring.  We just want you to know that our reaction to this is only gratitude!And This Is How We Thank You...Your non-expiring R100 voucher simply gets added to your account and when you purchase anything from Liza Clifford we simply take the total number of vouchers off your purchase - Easy! No minimum...

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The Liza Clifford Ordering Process

Terms and Conditions

Ordering a bra or swim piece can be very stressful especially when you do not have a relationship with the person you are ordering from.  Ordering items is the only way we are able to offer you all the wonderful products that are available to us. We simply cannot order everything as stock as we do not have the financial means to do so, but we would never restrict you to what we can only stock. Terms and conditions are there to assure you that your order is a priority and we have a system to back this This is...

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Why do I need to make an appointment?

Bra Fitting Bra Fitting In Pietermaritzburg Bra Sizes Bras Breast Health Correct size

We often get asked by our prospective clients if they can pop in for a quick fitting or a browse. While we would love to accommodate everyone, we value each individual lady and their unique needs. This is why we want to dedicate a full hour appointment to you, and you alone, so that you can have the best possible experience and leave feeling fabulous in your new knowledge and fit. We don’t just measure you and hand you a bra to put on in a curtained change room. Let's face it if it was that easy there would not be...

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When To Buy A Maternity/Nursing Bra

Big Breasts Bra Fitting Feeding Bras Maternity Bras Professional Bra Fitting

We see mothers far too late in the cycle of when to buy a maternity bra. Firstly let’s differentiate between a Maternity Bra and a Nursing Bra MATERNITY BRA A Maternity bra is worn while you are expecting your baby. This bra will adjust with the “growing” support needs of your breasts. NURSING BRA A nursing bra has a similar function as your breasts expand and shrink with every feed, however it has a clasp that makes it easy to feed without taking your bra off. A maternity bra is a necessity for all expectant Mothers, however most mothers have...

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Why do my shoulder straps dig in and cause pain?

Big Breasts Bra Fitting Lift in Bras Professional Bra Fitting Straps digging in

  The general rule when assessing support distribution is that 80% of the support should come from your band (this is the section of the bra that goes around your body) and 20% of the support comes from your straps. If you have smaller breasts the support mainly comes from your band. If you removed your straps from your bra by dropping them off your shoulders your breasts should not drop. This is because the support is from the bottom and not from the top. The bra band supports the bust while the straps support the bra giving it its shape....

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