Why do I need to make an appointment? April 14 2015, 0 Comments

We often get asked by our prospective clients if they can pop in for a quick fitting or a browse. While we would love to accommodate everyone, we value each individual lady and their unique needs. This is why we want to dedicate a full hour appointment to you, and you alone, so that you can have the best possible experience and leave feeling fabulous in your new knowledge and fit.

We don’t just measure you and hand you a bra to put on in a curtained change room. Let's face it if it was that easy there would not be so many women wearing the wrong size bra or ladies who are horribly unhappy with their fit. 

We discuss and evaluate your individual needs. 

Every woman is different. This encompasses many things, from the size of your bust; the kind of fit and shape you are looking for; to what you want your bra to do for you. Maybe you are just looking for the incredible support our bras offer. Maybe it’s the invisibility of a great T-shirt bra, or the support and accessibility of a nursing bra.

We measure you.

This gives us a starting point to find your perfect fit. 

We fit you.

We will fit you in a selection of bras, changing the size from our original measurement, if necessary, to ensure your bra fits your unique shape perfectly. You will get to see first-hand the amazing results the correct fit has. You will have the opportunity to see how various bras look under your clothes so that you can see which shape you like best.

We educate you.

During your hour appointment, we will discuss many aspects with you to ensure you leave feeling informed. You will learn how to care for your bra; how to put your bra on correctly, to ensure your bra is giving you the amazing support it is designed to give; how your new bra will feel in your new size; as well as what to look out for in your bras so that you never have to wear the incorrect size again

We will discuss which support garments are great options for you.

This will help you make an informed purchase on the day or in the future. You will also get to view an incredible choice of bras in various colours and fabrics that we can order, just for you. Or you can simply purchase what we have in stock. We do however belief that if it is not the PERFECT FIT we will not "allow" you to purchase it. The problem is that most ladies are so accustomed to purchasing bras that are "ok" that they don't realise there is a wow factor to wearing your Perfect Fit.


We are passionate about finding the perfect fit for every lady that we have the pleasure of meeting. This takes time and one-on-one focus from our expert bra fitters, without interruptions. This is why we insist on pre-arranged appointments – so that you get the knowledge and fit you need, to be well supported. We don’t just put you in a beautiful bra – we fit you in a perfectly fitting, beautiful bra that will change your perceptions of support garments forever.



Why do I need to make an appointment to get the specialised service offered at Liza Clifford Professional Bra Fitting Studio. March 23 2014, 0 Comments

Each client is allocated a fitter, whether you make an appointment in the studio or in the Mobile Studio setting. It is very important that your first fitting be uninterrupted and accurate as this sets the tone for all future purchases at Liza Clifford or any other retail outlet.

It is important to note that the size you are fitted as at Liza Clifford is the size you are at other retailers. Most of the sizes available at Liza Clifford are not readily available, this does not mean that our sizes are different; it means that we care enough to accommodate all sizes.

Once your appointment is made you will be allocated an hour.

In the hour you will be:

  1. Measured
  2. Fitted
  3. Educated
  4. Offered bras from our studio or from our carefully selected suppliers


We believe that with all the sizes available internationally, only the right size will do, not the closest fit.


It stands to reason that with interruptions of other clients and unscheduled events, fittings cannot be accurate. Considering the time spent with the client, it is very difficult to make a mistake with your size. If you feel your size is incorrect after this in depth fitting procedure we are happy to make a further appointment to reassess your size.

Our fitting techniques are based on international standards of fitting. The fitting is very different to what we are used to in South Africa and there are varying adjustment periods. Once the body has adjusted to the new fit you will never be able to wear another ill-fitting bra.

The reason why most women wear the incorrect size is because not enough time or care is taken to ensure the client is fitted and educated as to why she is the size she is. If it were the case of a simple measuring technique with a tape measure or by sight so many women would not be wearing the incorrect size.

What Sizes Does Liza Clifford Professional Bra Fitting Carry? March 11 2014, 1 Comment

At Liza Clifford, we pride ourselves in carrying one the widest ranges of sizes available in South Africa.

Our sizes start at 28 backs because we appreciate the fact that you don't need to wear a big size just because you have big breasts. Most South Africans have small backs so if you are battling with support chances are you are wearing a big band and do not have "difficult" breasts.

Our size chart starts at a 28 to a 56 B-K Cup

If you cannot find your size please contact us by clicking on this link: