My Bra Does Not Give Me Enough Lift April 15 2014, 2 Comments

This is a common problem with ladies requiring more "lift". What we reach for first is the miracle bra which promises to give us more lift with the introduction of a massive pad at the bottom of the bra.

So here are some things that are guaranteed NOT to work:

1. The "miracle pad" at the bottom of your bra

2. Tightening your straps will only give you a massive neck spasm

3. A balcony bra

4. A "push up" bra

The only thing that will work is wearing the correct band size. This is the number of your bra 30, 32, 34 etc. If your band is too big your breasts will simply go where they are pulled- yes to the ground.

It does not matter how firm or perfect your breasts are the only way to get the lift is through a well fitted snug band. This will also alleviate the pressure on your shoulders.

Your cup will need to be adjusted accordingly.

If you are unsure of how to do this you can contact our Fitters for expert advice.