How Do I Measure Myself For A Perfect Fitting Bra

This is your easy Step by Step on How to measure yourself for that perfect fitting bra.

1. Get a Tape measure with inches

2. Put you bra on (this does not have to be a perfect bra just one that sort of holds your bust in place).

3. Measure Directly under the bust. This is where the Breast meet the tummy not your waist. 

Please note how the tape is very near the bottom of the breast
If your breasts have a drop hold your breasts up by lifting the bra straps so that this area is exposed. Alternatively you can tighten your straps. However if your bra is too big (in most cases) your breasts will simply fall out the bottom.
4.Then measure all the way around the biggest part of your breast
Take your measurement in inches and send these two measurements to with "Please send me my bra size" in the subject line. The two measurements in Inches in the body of the email.
Happy measuring!
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