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Why A Good Fit in Your Sports Bra is Important

Nothing impedes exercise more than your breasts getting in the way. Unsupported breasts during exercise can cause discomfort, impact performance, and are, ultimately, an annoyance. After running shoes, if there is one thing you should be investing in when it comes to your sporting/workout attire, it's your sports bra! Here's why: Bouncing boobs = saggy boobs! What's the point of exercising the rest of your body into shape if you're just going to wind up with saggy breasts? The Cooper's ligaments in the breasts - also referred to as suspensory ligaments - help maintain the structure, shape and position of...

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Helpful Hints When Purchasing a Sports Bra

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Sports bras are amazing products if they are fitted correctly. You cannot buy a sports bra on a simple measurement. You need to try them on and preferable practice a movement you would do in a sports bra. If you are a runner you will need to run on the spot or at least jump. It does not matter how expensive the bra is, if the bra is the incorrect size your sports bra will not do what you need it to do. It does not matter what the sports bra claims i.e. “clinically proven to reduce bounce” if the...

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Sports Bras Versus Running Shoes by Tenley Cummins

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Liza Clifford, of Liza Clifford Professional Bra Fitting Studio, is always amazed by women who start running or take up a new sport and do the right thing by buying a good pair of running shoes or cross trainers, but neglect to provide support for their breasts. ‘’The new athlete is so concerned about getting injured by wearing the wrong sports shoe, but what about the irreparable damage they will do to their breast tissue by wearing the wrong bra?’’, says Liza. ‘’I encourage people to get fit and lose weight, but why have sagging breasts when you reach your...

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Sports Bras and Chafing

Chafing and Sports Bras Freya Sports Bras Panache Sports Bras Sports Bras for Runners

One of the biggest concerns when we see a client, who exercises and wants to purchase a bra, is chafing. Most women accept that this is a normal event and have taken certain precautions that may work for the short term but do not solve the very uncomfortable chafing. Just to clarify what “chafing” means The red, raw appearance of the skin around the breast after prolonged exercise where there has been excessive breast movement. This is often not obvious until the runner has a shower when an intense burning sensation is experienced. The red, raw flesh will often scab...

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