Why A Good Fit in Your Sports Bra is Important


Nothing impedes exercise more than your breasts getting in the way. Unsupported breasts during exercise can cause discomfort, impact performance, and are, ultimately, an annoyance.

After running shoes, if there is one thing you should be investing in when it comes to your sporting/workout attire, it's your sports bra! Here's why:

Bouncing boobs = saggy boobs!

What's the point of exercising the rest of your body into shape if you're just going to wind up with saggy breasts? The Cooper's ligaments in the breasts - also referred to as suspensory ligaments - help maintain the structure, shape and position of your breasts. When you expose these ligaments to stress (i.e. bouncing during a workout) you end up stretching the ligaments, and unfortunately the damage cannot be undone (it sucks, we know!). So donning a sports bra that helps separate, support, and reduce the pressure on the breasts can go a long way to avoid sag!

Forget The Gain When You Have Chronic Back Pain

Those unsupported, bouncing weapons of mass destruction can wreck havoc on your back. Bouncing, jiggling breasts cause extra weight and exertion to be placed on your neck, shoulders and back. So, instead of walking away with an endorphin high post workout, you walk away reaching for your medicine cupboard. This can be said for wearing a bra that is the incorrect size too, as the straps, underwire (if there is one!) and side-bands will do little to offer the support your breasts need. The correctly-fitted and sized sports bra will offer your breasts all the comfort, cushioning and support they need, thereby eliminating the increased risk of back, neck, and/or shoulder pain. 

The Solution:

Bouncing boobies don't have to be part of your weightlifting regimen, and we have the perfect solution for women of all shapes and sizes. In our Active Support range we feature two core product lines: the Panache Underwire Sports Bra and the Elomi Energise Underwire Sports Bra.

The Panache Sports Bra Collection:

The Panache Underwire Sports Bras are a studio and client favourite. These fashion-forward bras are available in a core range of colours: black, white, and grey, as well as a host of seasonal ones: Painterly and Grey/Mango are 2018's look!  These bras are designed with maximum support in mind, while still offering you a stylish design. The moulded seam-free inner cups encapsulate each breast, offering control while delivering a defined shape. The wide, cushioned shoulder straps, with racer back ring, offer additional stability and support by dispersing the pressure whilst exercising. This bra is perfect for both high and low impact exercise, and is available in a B to a J cup. 

The Elomi Energise Sports Bra Collection:

The Elomi Energise range of sports bras are designed to look like a crop top, and offer fabulous separation and support. Most sports bras currently available on the market are guilty of squashing the breast tissue, rather than offering real support. The Energise range is perfect for fuller figured women, and much like the Panache, is suitable for high or low impact exercise. The core colours available are black, white, and nude, with seasonal colours like Pomegranate and Navy available as limited-edition options. 

As always, we highly recommend that you get fitted by a Liza Clifford body-optimisation specialist before purchasing a sports bra. The correct fit is the only thing standing between you and an amazing, supported workout. Call us on 0861333779 (National Landline number) or e-mail us on expert@lizaclifford.com to find your perfect fit. 

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