Helpful Hints When Purchasing a Sports Bra


Sports bras are amazing products if they are fitted correctly.

You cannot buy a sports bra on a simple measurement. You need to try them on and preferable practice a movement you would do in a sports bra. If you are a runner you will need to run on the spot or at least jump.

It does not matter how expensive the bra is, if the bra is the incorrect size your sports bra will not do what you need it to do.

It does not matter what the sports bra claims i.e. “clinically proven to reduce bounce” if the bra is the incorrect size it will not work.

If you wear more than one sports bra to exercise in you are wearing the wrong size.

How do you choose a bra given that there is a limit to the service available for professional fitting?

  1. Your sports bra needs to be snug, it will leave red marks, it will feel very uncomfortable initially, but this is where the support is.

  2. Your support needs to come from the band of your bra and NOT your straps. There is no way padded straps or thick straps can support as well as a snug band can. The constant jarring of the straps on your Trapezius muscle will cause more damage than the snug band that goes all the way around your body.

  3. Make sure the wire of your sports bra is in line with your arm pit. This means that the wire will not pinch your delicate breast tissue. If you do not like wearing a wire please consider that it may be because you are wearing the wrong size. The wire will give you a better shape and support.

  4. Make sure your bra is smaller than your pants size. Your hips are bigger than your back so if your bra band is bigger than your pants size, adjust your band while increasing your cup. If you buy a smaller back without increasing your cup your bra will be too tight and you will have difficulty putting it on.

  5. Always buy your sports bra snug on the loosest setting so that you can make it tighter as the bra stretches.


    If this seems a little too much our fitters are happy to help you choose your perfect sports bra. We will spend an hour assessing, educating and fitting you for the perfect sports bra.


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