T-shirt Bras For Bigger Cups

T-shirt Bras For Bigger Cups
T-shirt bras have always been synonymous with padding, so it's easy to understand why ladies with a bigger bust may choose to steer clear of T-shirt bra styles. This is because they believe that wearing this style of bra will add bulk to their bust. The truth is that today you can purchase a moulded non-padded bra, or a moulded spacer bra, or a moulded padded bra. All three of these styles are very different and offer you different shapes while never compromising on support and lift.

 But before I go any further hear this... 

If your T-shirt bra makes your bust look bigger than it actually is, you're wearing the wrong bra size. This means that no matter how expensive or well-designed your current t-shirt bra is, it will never give you the support and shape you need. Finding your perfect fit can change the way clothing fits your body, so opt for a professional bra fitting with us rather than changing what you love to wear. Book a fitting HERE.


Let’s unpack the term “moulded bra” a little. A bra style categorized as 'moulded' means that it has no seams on the cups. Instead of being sewn together, the fabric of the cups has been moulded into shape by machine. It's important to point out that moulded bras can be either padded or unpadded.


Fantasie Impression Non-Padded Moulded Bra
This style of T-shirt bra has no padding and often gives the breast a teardrop shape, and while this shape is considered the most natural it's often not the most desired. Clients often choose this option because they are looking for something with no seams and no padding. Because there is no structure to this style of bra, shape is often achieved by panels. In bigger cups, these panels push breast tissue out to the side, creating a flattening in the front that some bigger busted clients feel gives their breasts a smaller appearance. This styles works well as an everyday bra but often doesn't disguise visible nipples because there is no padding.

Fantasie's Impression Non-Padded Moulded Bra is one of our top picks for this style of moulded bra.


Fantasie Memoir Underwire Moulded T-Shirt Bra / Fantasie Leona Underwire Moulded Spacer Full Cup Bra / Elomi Charley Bandless Spacer Moulded Bra

Spacer fabrics are designed to have the movement of normal fabric, without the rigidity of a padded bra. Simply put, Spacer fabrics are made up of two layers of fabric with a space between them. This creates the illusion of padding without the bulk. We don't agree that padding adds bulk - we believe that bulk comes from wearing the incorrect bra size and we are proud to say that we have proven this over and over again.

Fantasie's Memoir Underwire Moulded T-Shirt Bra, Leona Underwire Moulded Spacer Full Cup Bra and Elomi's Charley Bandless Spacer Moulded Bra are all great options available in this iconic style.


Freya Idol Underwire Moulded Balcony Bra / Freya Expression Underwire Demi Plunge Moulded Bra

This is usually a rigid shaped T-Shirt bra that gives - what we call - the perfect shape but it's always the most natural. This style creates the illusion of higher and rounder (perky) breasts and is by far the best shape to wear under a classic T-Shirt because it creates the appearance of a longer waist and, believes it or not, smaller bust... We swear!

Freya's Idol Underwire Moulded Balcony Bra and Expression Underwire Demi Plunge Moulded Bra are our favourites in this shape.

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 But have you found your perfect fit yet?  

If you're looking to discover your perfect fit, or have been fitted by us before and just need a refit CLICK HERE to book a fitting at a Liza Clifford Bra Fitting Studio near you or an online eFitting. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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