Side Breast Spillage Is Not Your Lot In Life


We are often asked why our client’s breast tissue spills out to the side. Clients often think that this is their lot in life and that the only way to get rid of this is through very strict dieting and a hectic exercise routine.

The reason why this breast tissue (because this is what it is – connective adipose tissue and not just fat) spills to the side is because your cup is too small. If your underwire does not line up with your underarm it will force your tissue into this space causing an unsightly bulge.

You are probably thinking if you increase your cup (making the wire bigger) your cup will gape. This will happen if your band is too big. You will need to adjust your band as you increase your cup size. This is not an easy task when you consider that most size corrections done by our expert fitters are vast, resulting in quite a few cup sizes with considerable band adjustments. An example of this is a 36C will often become a 30G or a 32FF, this is just an example as a 36C can be many sizes in our studio.

When your band is snug enough you can scoop your breast tissue into your cup and it stays there. If you scoop your breast tissue into a small cup it will only spill over the front of your bra. If your cup is too small the wire will dig into the delicate breast tissue causing discomfort and the dreaded “side boob”. If your band is too big it will not make any difference how well you scoop, your breast tissue will not stay in the small cup.

Your bra needs to be a high quality bra. If the back of your bra is not substantial it will result in a dental floss appearance as it rolls and cuts into this delicate breast tissue. Not only will you have the appearance of a large side breast it will also dig in sideways. It does not take a genius to realise at this point that a bad bra can cause more damage than any good.

Professional fitting will eliminate the guess work. It only takes an hour of Assessing, Education and Fitting. Our Sizes are South African sizes as we follow the UK Size chart where our bras are designed. Once you have had a professional fitting by an Expert Fitter you will be liberated to purchase from Stores that carry your size and most reputable Online Stores like

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