Wear In Process WIP


At Liza Clifford Professional Bra Fitting Studio we pride ourselves on the fact that our clients visit us every six months for new day wear, special occasion and sports bras. These loyal customers are the ladies who trust our advice and endure the WIP and, in turn, see the long term benefits. 

We will not compromise on the fitting process, the bra choice and the importance of the WIP, as we believe that this is why we stand apart from other professionals in our industry.

What to expect during the WIP:

  1. A vice-like feeling for the first five to seven wears.

  2. Deep red marks and the feeling of being bruised for the first five to seven wears.

  3. Liza Clifford’s specially chosen strapless bra is designed to anchor in the back causing swelling and a raised surface for an extended period of time.

  4. Liza Clifford’s specially chosen award winning sports bras have very little elastic and, for this reason, you will feel very uncomfortable for the first five to seven wears.

  5. Maternity bras will feel tight, at first, but they ease very quickly.

How many times have you purchased an extremely comfortable, ‘good’ fitting bra from a retailer only to discover that, after a couple of wears, the back strap is loose and the shoulder straps keep falling off? A Liza Clifford bra will not feel like it fits perfectly on the first wear but will fit beautifully and feel amazing for months after the WIP. Liza Clifford clients are prepared to spend time and money for superior quality products.

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