Bra Fitting Advice

The Centre of my Bra does not lie flat July 14 2014

This is quite a common problem, another one of those problems that just gets accepted as the status quo. “I have difficult breasts” issues. If your bra does not sit flat between your breasts it is not your breasts but because of two very simple reasons.

  1. Your size is wrong
  2. Your style is wrong.

I always suggest you go for a proper assessment with a qualified professional fitter who will Assess, Educate and Fit you. This takes time so if you are not making an appointment for this service you are either going to be interrupted by other clients or you are not getting a proper fitting.

If you are not able to find a proper fitting service then these are some things to look for.

Firstly let’s look at the symptoms of the centre gore not sitting flat between the breasts (this is another way of saying the centre of my bra does not sit flat)

  1. Your breasts are not separated into two supported breasts
  2. You have permanent cleavage and you perspire between your breasts
  3. Your breasts are squashed flat rather than into two separate breasts making it appear like a tyre around your body.
  4. The centre of the bra can be pulled away from the body easily.

Now let’s look at how we can remedy this:

  1. Your size needs adjustment

If your cup is too small and band is too big you will never get the centre gore to lie flat against your chest. You may wonder how your band can be made smaller and still fit or fit better? When you decrease your band size you need to increase your cup, the cup size may change significantly- up to 10 cup sizes and in some cases more. If your band is correct and your cup is too small you may still find it may not fit. A simple cup adjustment may take a very tight bra to a snug, supportive garment.

I stress at this point that all of the guess work can be taken out of the equation when you see a qualified professional fitter.

  1. The style of your bra needs to be assessed

This can be done through trial and error which can be a very expensive exercise or by consulting someone who is qualified to do so. Some women have a very narrow space between their breasts while some have breasts that are spaced quite far apart.

Some women may benefit from a plunge bra, but a balcony bra that comes up quite high in the front can help separate the breasts allowing the centre gore to lie flat. Breasts that lie far apart will benefit from a side support that guides the breast forward. This exercise can be very slimming and make your breasts look very small.


A good professional bra fitter will help you make better buying decisions and help you understand why you need to completely change the way you look at your bra. It is worth the investment in time as you will save yourself a lot of money and time when you know exactly how it should fit and why it feels so different.



Side Breast Spillage Is Not Your Lot In Life June 23 2014


We are often asked why our client’s breast tissue spills out to the side. Clients often think that this is their lot in life and that the only way to get rid of this is through very strict dieting and a hectic exercise routine.

The reason why this breast tissue (because this is what it is – connective adipose tissue and not just fat) spills to the side is because your cup is too small. If your underwire does not line up with your underarm it will force your tissue into this space causing an unsightly bulge.

You are probably thinking if you increase your cup (making the wire bigger) your cup will gape. This will happen if your band is too big. You will need to adjust your band as you increase your cup size. This is not an easy task when you consider that most size corrections done by our expert fitters are vast, resulting in quite a few cup sizes with considerable band adjustments. An example of this is a 36C will often become a 30G or a 32FF, this is just an example as a 36C can be many sizes in our studio.

When your band is snug enough you can scoop your breast tissue into your cup and it stays there. If you scoop your breast tissue into a small cup it will only spill over the front of your bra. If your cup is too small the wire will dig into the delicate breast tissue causing discomfort and the dreaded “side boob”. If your band is too big it will not make any difference how well you scoop, your breast tissue will not stay in the small cup.

Your bra needs to be a high quality bra. If the back of your bra is not substantial it will result in a dental floss appearance as it rolls and cuts into this delicate breast tissue. Not only will you have the appearance of a large side breast it will also dig in sideways. It does not take a genius to realise at this point that a bad bra can cause more damage than any good.

Professional fitting will eliminate the guess work. It only takes an hour of Assessing, Education and Fitting. Our Sizes are South African sizes as we follow the UK Size chart where our bras are designed. Once you have had a professional fitting by an Expert Fitter you will be liberated to purchase from Stores that carry your size and most reputable Online Stores like

Make a life changing decision to find your correct bra size by contacting us on



Wear In Process WIP May 19 2014


At Liza Clifford Professional Bra Fitting Studio we pride ourselves on the fact that our clients visit us every six months for new day wear, special occasion and sports bras. These loyal customers are the ladies who trust our advice and endure the WIP and, in turn, see the long term benefits. 

We will not compromise on the fitting process, the bra choice and the importance of the WIP, as we believe that this is why we stand apart from other professionals in our industry.

What to expect during the WIP:

  1. A vice-like feeling for the first five to seven wears.

  2. Deep red marks and the feeling of being bruised for the first five to seven wears.

  3. Liza Clifford’s specially chosen strapless bra is designed to anchor in the back causing swelling and a raised surface for an extended period of time.

  4. Liza Clifford’s specially chosen award winning sports bras have very little elastic and, for this reason, you will feel very uncomfortable for the first five to seven wears.

  5. Maternity bras will feel tight, at first, but they ease very quickly.

How many times have you purchased an extremely comfortable, ‘good’ fitting bra from a retailer only to discover that, after a couple of wears, the back strap is loose and the shoulder straps keep falling off? A Liza Clifford bra will not feel like it fits perfectly on the first wear but will fit beautifully and feel amazing for months after the WIP. Liza Clifford clients are prepared to spend time and money for superior quality products.

Do You Scoop? April 25 2014

The Scoop ensures that you have no breast pinched behind the wire or underneath. The bra will now fit very snuggly and will feel uncomfortable for the first five to seven wears.


The Scoop

  • Hold your bra wire firmly with the same side arm. Make sure that you hold the bra wire on the outer end of the bra.
  • With the other hand, gently pull your entire breast away from the outer wire resisting with the other hand. You should feel like you are lifting your entire breast out of the front of the bra.
  • Now your breast is in the front of your body.
  • Shake the bra out so that you have no spill-over.


The amazing benefits of wearing the perfect bra (increased confidence, beautifully fitting clothes, looking slimmer), does, however, require that you endure the WIP (wearing in period). As we all know, beauty and long term enjoyment does come with some sacrifice. ‘’The bra is made for your size, but you need to make it yours by wearing it’’, says Liza.

Eight Facts To Consider When Buying a Bra April 01 2014

Finding the perfect fitting bra in South Africa is like finding a needle in a haystack. We search and search for this limited edition and then we find the holy grail of bras, purchase all the colours we can only to find the bra is just as disappointing as the bra we previously bought.

Here are some tips to avoid making the same mistake.

  1. Empower yourself with information, read the blogs, the product reviews and make your own conclusions.
  2. Measure yourself, and then compare the size to the one you will be offered in store
  3. If your bra size 32, 34, 36 etc. is bigger than your pants size you know you are wearing the wrong size (unless your pants are really tight)
  4. We all know that if your bra band rides up your back it is too big. Adjusting your band to the correct size so that your cup compliments your new fit is tricky. Know that if you are happy with your cup size but bra rides up your back you need to go up a cup when you go down a band. Confusing? That’s why there are professional bra fitters trained to do this.
  5. Do not rely on your straps for the lift you need. If you are making your straps tighter you need a band adjustment. Straps do not support they assist the bra in support but they are not the primary support.
  6. Buy your bra snug, all bras stretch and if you buy your bra at a comfortable level you will be replacing it in a month.
  7. When you purchase a new bra it should be snug on the very last hook, this will allow you three options to make it tighter when the bra relaxes. Remember all bras are made of some form of elastic and are subject to stretch.
  8. Don’t assume that a bra is a superior fit just because it costs a lot. If you have the wrong size bra your expensive purchase is wasted.


If you really despise bra shopping and find yourself wearing bras that are not worth hanging on the line, it’s worth a tip to a professional bra fitter. While professional fitters are as hard to find as a good bra, it’s worth finding one and getting properly fitted.