11 Signs That Your Daughter May Be Taking Strain With Her Breasts

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Mothers often ask us when they should bring their daughters in for their first professional fitting. I find it difficult to put a timeline to this milestone because it is entirely dependent on the developing child.


You may find that your daughter has little or no breast tissue yet shows a keen interest in finding a bra, or you may find that your daughter has developed rather quickly but she has no interest, in fact the whole situation repulses her. There are so many psychological factors to consider that we will discuss in later blogs.


I would like to touch on what signs you can look out for that may indicate that your daughter is having a hard time accepting her development.


It’s hard to understand why girls suddenly find it difficult to accept the size of their breasts. As I child I could not wait to wear a bra, however when my breasts eventually grew to the very normal size they were I found it very difficult to accept.


These are the signs we see when we consult with young ladies from 11 years of age to about 18 years of age.


  1. Jerseys in summer: most moms may feel that their daughters are going through a "phase” it’s a phase of covering and hopefully no one will notice and they do not grow out of this. A good supportive bra will give them a sense of control and they don’t have to worry about the very obvious movement that gains attention
  2. If your daughter starts taking on an androgynous look and tends towards a more masculine wardrobe. This may be due to a fashion trend as well or just a complete love of men’s fashion, however it is one of the factors we look at.
  3. Layering of clothing: usually more than one bra or more than one “support” top.
  4. If your daughter uses tops that cause some form of compression under their clothing
  5. If your daughter played sport and now no longer does or is not enthusiastic about it: Some girls are teased, some girls just feel very uncomfortable and then there are girls who just withdraw so that they won’t get noticed. There will be all sorts of other reasons you may put it down to but the bottom line is that if your daughter’s inactivity corresponds with her sudden breast growth it is usually the case.
  6. A very obvious hunch which is usually attributed to the sudden growth spurt that happens, but is usually a way of drawing attention away from their chest area by curling the shoulders in and pushing the hips out.
  7. Standing with their arms crossed either over to cover or under to support their breasts
  8. Talk of changing some part of their body, mostly focussed on their breasts but can be any part of their body. Young      women who become obsessed with surgery and research plastic surgery often are victims of some kind of body dysmorphia associated with their breasts.
  9. A hatred for their breasts
  10. Not wanting to change clothing in the company of peers
  11. Not wanting to get involved in any activities that involve changing clothes 


I need to stress that I am not a psychologist, while I have a degree in Psychology from the University of Port Elizabeth, I am not qualified to make any assumptions based on any psychological process.


I have experienced this and I have seen many girls in the four years of bra fitting to make observations. I cannot stress enough how a well fitted, professionally measure bra can alter this situation and why mothers continue to overlook this is a mystery to me.


If you have any questions regarding this very delicate situation please contact our Expert fitters on 0861333779 or


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  • by Bridget Sukula on

    My daughter is already 24 n she has big breast n the left one is much bigger than the other one. At one stage she used deppression tabets,one of its after effect was breast enlargement n really they got affected n became more big to an extent that they did not go back to normal after use. Since they were also affected by medication is there any medication that can help to reduce the size?

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