Long Live The Longline Bra!

Long Live The Longline Bra!
Lingerie has a long history. From girdles and stockings to thongs and push-up bras, we’ve seen so many pieces come, go, and then return again throughout the decades - and the classic longline bra is one of them. But if you think that you can't indulge in this oh-so-sultry trend because you have a fuller bust... Think again!

 Oh Rejoice! 

Just in case it isn't immediately clear, a longline or bralette shape has fabric that extends below the cups and band and covers the upper torso - generally ending at the waistline. Especially true for underwired options, and based on their traditional appeal, longline styles are known for their torso smoothing effects, as well as their unrivalled support for curvy ladies.


The longline bra has been around for some time, but only really came onto the lingerie fashion scene during the 1940s and ’50s when the hourglass figure and bullet bra shapes were all the rage. Made popular by war-era pin-up beauties and the Golden Age of Hollywood (hello Marilyn Monroe!), longline bras offered a discreetly trimmed and slimmer waistline, while supporting and accentuating a fuller bust. The iconic hourglass silhouette of the 1950s woman was all about celebrating femininity.

However, by the 1960s and ’70s, this ultra-feminine, ultra-structured style was overtaken by a more natural, less rigid look and with this shift in style the popularity of the longline bra fell by the wayside, but it only temporarily. The over-the-top styles of the '80s and '90s saw the longline bra return but not as we had seen it before! Teddys, underwear-as-outerwear and full-figure chests were 'in' and out there for everyone to see. Remember the incredibly iconic marriage of Madonna and the Jean Paul Gautier cone bra - Who could ever forget that fashion statement?!


Today the longline bra trend is hotter than ever. Emphasized curves and lingerie as statement fashion pieces are all the rage right now, ushering in the new age of the ever-classic longline bra. This is why we believe that every woman should have this must-have staple in their bra collection. Shop our online collection of longline bras and bralettes HERE.


With all this history and background on the longline bra, you might be wondering, “Can I wear a longline bra?” or, “Are there certain bra sizes or body types that should or shouldn't wear this bra style?” Ladies, hear this now: The very reason the longline bra has made such a lasting impression on the lingerie fashion world is because it’s a universally flattering bra style on all shapes and sizes! Whether you are petite or plus size, there is a perfect longline bra for you!

Here are a few tips when shopping for a longline bra. Regardless of your bra size if your bra fits you properly, it will support you properly:

Want To Create A Hourglass Silhouette: If you want to add a bit more 'oomph' and create the illusion of a fuller bust, look for a longline bra with padded cups to create more cleavage. View the ever-popular Freya Fancies Underwire Longline Bra HERE, available in a range of continuity and fashion colours. Contact your fitter for more details.

Buxom & Looking For Added Support: Girl, underwired longline bra styles were made for you! With their unique design, underwired longline bras are made to better support you and accentuate your beautiful bustline curves for an ultra-feminine and flirty look. Our clients love Elomi's Charley Underwired Bralette available in a selection of classic colours HERE. Seasonal fashion colours available through your fitter.

Forever The Trend Setter: Want to make a real fashion statement? Because longline bras cover more of your torso than other bra shapes, they look less lingerie-like and provide added modesty. This makes them perfect for styling as an underwear-is-outerwear look. Freya's Soiree Lace Underwired Bralette in is guaranteed to turn heads. Shop the core colours HERE, or contact your fitter for other fashion colour options.

Looking For Light Support While Lounging: Great news! Modern bralettes now also come in wire-free options with little or no padding, ideal for those lazy, relaxed days where comfort is the most important consideration.  Opt for the Freya Fancies Bralette, available in a  range of continuity and fashion colours, for a more “au naturale” look - Tres chic! Shop the continuity colours HERE or contact your fitter for this season's latest colours.


The longline bra trend is here to stay, so be bold and dare to bare a little more this season. Consider wearing this retro-inspired longline style under your favourite sheer top for a flirty night-out, or layer underneath a masculine muscle tank for a sporty yet feminine feel. For a more casual look, opt for a wire-free option under a loosely fitted low-cut tee with leggings. Feeling daring? Pair your longline bra with a classic fitted blazer for an It-Girl approved ensemble. 

How to style a bralette
@katiepenny's 4 ways to style a bralette.

For even MORE styling inspiration check out @katiepenny's 4 ways to style a bralette HERE. But regardless of your unique shape and size, we have a longline bra that will give you all the uplift and support you need to help you put on courage. CLICK HERE to shop our online collection of longline bras and bralettes.

 But have you found your perfect fit yet?  

If you're looking to discover your perfect fit, or have been fitted by us before and just need a refit CLICK HERE to book a fitting at a Liza Clifford Bra Fitting Studio near you or an online eFitting. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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