Why a Liza Clifford Gift Card Really Is The Most Thoughtful Gift

Give the gift of lift

In the past, the giving of gift vouchers has received a bad reputation for being thoughtless and impersonal but, in today’s busy world, this just isn’t true anymore. The truth is that a gift card - especially one that has been thoughtfully chosen - truly does make the perfect gift. Imagine being given the power to choose and the time to find something you want, COST-FREE!

 What’s not to love about that!? 

Need more convincing? According to an American survey, 60% of all consumers questioned have gift vouchers to their favourite stores and services at the very top of their holiday wish list. This jumps to nearly 70% among 35-44 year-olds. This made the fact that 30% of all respondents felt guilty for asking for gift card and vouchers all the more surprising. Many said it felt too much like asking for cash or it didn't feel personal enough. Interestingly, 55% of consumers also revealed that they prefer receiving gift vouchers versus physical gifts - and the most appealing thing about receiving a gift card was the ability to treat themselves to something they really wanted, without having to worry too much about the cost implications.

It's clear that most of us would prefer to receive a gift voucher to spoil ourselves with, than something we probably will never use or wear. Nobody enjoys returning a gift and not just because it's a hassle, but also because it's hard to explain to your great-aunt Edith why you're not wearing the ‘lovely’ purple and red scarf she gave you last Christmas.

Yes, the gift voucher was once considered the go-to present for last-minute shoppers, but not anymore because they are no longer seen to be the impersonal gift they once were. Choosing a thoughtful gift voucher that offers the recipient the opportunity to find her perfect fit and put on courage is more touching than yet another lotion gift set. Shop Liza Clifford gift cards HERE.

If you’re still unsure about why a Liza Clifford gift card is the perfect gift for every special woman in your life, then here are five reasons which should help you make up your mind:


The main benefit of buying a gift voucher for someone is that you are putting the choice directly in their hands, so when it comes to actually purchasing something they will be the ones making the final decision on what they want. With a R1 500 Liza Clifford gift card you can put someone on the path to finding their perfect fit with a professional fitting experience with us and a bra that fits their unique and beautiful shape perfectly. They may even have a little change left over for their 2nd bra or swimwear purchase too. CLICK HERE to shop out Liza Clifford gift card collection.


Some people believe that gift vouchers are something of an impersonal gift because no thought or care was put into purchasing it, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. A well-selected gift voucher can be just the excuse someone needs to spoil themselves in a way they usually wouldn't. Our Liza Clifford gift cards can also be personalised with the name of the recipient and a special message from you to add that personal touch. We offer both digital vouchers that can be easily emailed to the lucky recipient, and physical voucher (in-studio only) if you would prefer something to give on the special day. Shop our gift cards online HERE.


Gift-giving can be difficult, and sometimes what you thought was the perfect gift, simply isn’t – Awkard! Giving the gift of choice will always have people remembering you fondly. A Liza Clifford gift voucher almost guarantees that she will love what you’ve given her because who doesn’t want to look slimmer, feel fabulous and love the body they're in. That is the power if a Liza Clifford gift card. Give someone the gift of lift.


It doesn’t matter who you’re shopping for, a Liza Clifford gift voucher is the perfect gift for every woman - no matter the occasion. Remember what it felt like the first time you put on that perfectly fitted bra? We bet you do, so why not share that feeling with your friends and family too. Whether it's for your closest friend, a loved one or even a new work buddy at the office, give something extra special to the wonderful women in your life. A Liza Clifford gift card is the perfect way to show your affection and admiration for a fearless woman just like you. Shop Liza Clifford gift cards HERE.


Buying a gift voucher is really convenient for both you, as a buyer, and the recipient. You can purchase a Liza Clifford gift voucher either in-studio or online, in a variety of denominations to suit every pocket. The receiver can then redeem their gift voucher in-studio or through their personal bra fitter whenever it suits them best. That's because our gift vouchers never expire, and for added peace of mind, we also keep a copy of all gift vouchers should a voucher be misplaced. Purchase a Liza Clifford gift voucher HERE.

 But have you found your perfect fit yet?  

If you're looking to discover your perfect fit, or have been fitted by us before and just need a refit CLICK HERE to book a fitting at a Liza Clifford Bra Fitting Studio near you or an online eFitting. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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