Eight Facts To Consider When Buying a Bra

Finding the perfect fitting bra in South Africa is like finding a needle in a haystack. We search and search for this limited edition and then we find the holy grail of bras, purchase all the colours we can only to find the bra is just as disappointing as the bra we previously bought.

Here are some tips to avoid making the same mistake.

  1. Empower yourself with information, read the blogs, the product reviews and make your own conclusions.
  2. Measure yourself, and then compare the size to the one you will be offered in store
  3. If your bra size 32, 34, 36 etc. is bigger than your pants size you know you are wearing the wrong size (unless your pants are really tight)
  4. We all know that if your bra band rides up your back it is too big. Adjusting your band to the correct size so that your cup compliments your new fit is tricky. Know that if you are happy with your cup size but bra rides up your back you need to go up a cup when you go down a band. Confusing? That’s why there are professional bra fitters trained to do this.
  5. Do not rely on your straps for the lift you need. If you are making your straps tighter you need a band adjustment. Straps do not support they assist the bra in support but they are not the primary support.
  6. Buy your bra snug, all bras stretch and if you buy your bra at a comfortable level you will be replacing it in a month.
  7. When you purchase a new bra it should be snug on the very last hook, this will allow you three options to make it tighter when the bra relaxes. Remember all bras are made of some form of elastic and are subject to stretch.
  8. Don’t assume that a bra is a superior fit just because it costs a lot. If you have the wrong size bra your expensive purchase is wasted.


If you really despise bra shopping and find yourself wearing bras that are not worth hanging on the line, it’s worth a tip to a professional bra fitter. While professional fitters are as hard to find as a good bra, it’s worth finding one and getting properly fitted.



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