Bra Fitting Vs Measuring

What To Expect In Your Bra Fitting Experience

Each client is allocated a fitter. This especially chosen and trained lady will guide you through your bra journey at Liza Clifford. It is very important that your first fitting be uninterrupted so that it is accurate as this sets the tone for all future purchases at Liza Clifford or any other retail outlet.

Your Bra Size Is Your Size and Should Not Change

It is important to note that the size you are fitted as at Liza Clifford is the size you are at other retailers. Most of the sizes available at Liza Clifford are not readily available elsewhere, this does not mean that our sizes are different; it means that we care enough to accommodate for all sizes.

In Your Body Optimising Appointment

Once your appointment is made you will be allocated an hour.

In the hour you will be:

  1. Assessed
  2. Educated
  3. Fitted
  4. Offered a Bra from our Stock or our carefully selected suppliers

    We believe that with all the sizes available internationally, only the right size will do, not the closest fit. This is your Perfect Fit.

    It stands to reason that with interruptions of other clients and unscheduled events, fittings cannot be accurate. Considering the time spent with the client, it is very difficult to make a mistake with your size.

    If you feel your size is incorrect after this in depth fitting procedure we are happy to make a further appointment to reassess your size.

    New Fitting Techniques Allow For Your Unique Size And No Need For Altering Bras

    Our fitting techniques are based on international standards of fitting. The fitting is very different to what we are used to in South Africa and there are varying adjustment periods read about the WIP here. Once the body has adjusted to the new fit you will never be able to wear another ill-fitting bra.

    There are services that will alter bras. We do not believe this empowers women to make better bra purchasing decisions. When a bra is altered, it may fit well but there is no way of repeating the process without returning to the same retailer. Knowing your exact size means you can repeat the process at other retailers carrying the UK size which is what South Africa subscribes to.

    A Measuring Service Cannot Replace A Bra Fitting

    The reason why most women wear the incorrect size is because not enough time or care is taken to ensure every client is fitted and educated as to why she is the size she is. If it were the case of a simple measuring technique with a tape measure or by sight so many women would not be wearing the incorrect size.


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