How long should a bra last?


A bra that is looked after will last longer than one that is abused in a washing machine or washed incorrectly.

(Bra Care is covered in a different post)

There are many factors contributing to the longevity of a bra:

1. You need a minimum of three bras: A bra cannot be worn every day and expected to last. Unfortunately all good bras come at a premium price leaving most clients no choice but to only buy one at a time. But you would be saving money if you budgeted for at least three everyday bras.

2. The weight of your bust will determine how long your bra lasts. If you have a heavy bust your bra may have to work a little harder to support. In this case we recommend you have at least 5 bras that you rotate.

3.How often you wear your bra will determine how long your bra lasts. If you wore a quality garment every day it would shore signs of wear a lot sooner. Consider that a bra is a support item, its stands to reason that this item may not last if it is worn continuously

4.Be mindful of the fact that all fabrics are different and this influences the longevity of your bra as well.


I have a five bras that have lasted me about three years and are showing very little wear. I do add to my collection which means that some bras may not be worn for weeks and then suddenly worn every week for a while.

Your bras will only last as long as they are being looked after and not worn every day.

We cannot put a definitive time on this as we have seen bras last anything from six months to four years depending on all the factors listed above.



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