How Do I Care For My Bras



This is not rocket science, if you purchase lingerie that is beautifully designed in exquisite fabrics you need to look after it as much as you would a designer blouse or dress.

The difference is when you purchase a beautifully designed everyday bra, you need to treat this masterpiece the same as a designer piece. Support bras are probably one of the most important pieces of clothing in your wardrobe. Without good support your outerwear is obsolete. If your breasts are not in the correct place you need to adjust your clothing which often involves a bigger size or considerable tailoring (for another blog post). The point I am making is that if you treat your bras well they will treat you well.

Here are my tips to keep your bras in Tip Top Shape:

  1. NEVER wash your bras in the washing machine, not on the gentle cycle, not in a lingerie bag, nor in a plastic dome guaranteed to protect your bra.
  2. Wash your bras yourself, yes in South Africa we are fortunate to have very good help, however they do not love your bras as much as you do.
  3. Always air dry your bras, do not use a tumble drier or a hair drier. Direct heat damages the elastic fibres that are the foundation of any good support bra.
  4. Have at least three everyday bras. This will give your bras a rest and extend their wear. Imagine wearing the same the outfit every day? Need I say more?
  5. Do not use products like any softening agents or Woolite on your bra. The general rule I use is if it’s not gentle enough to use on your own skin don’t use it on your bras.
  6. Do not dry your bra in the direct sunlight.
  7. Moulded bras need to be “finger washed” not hand washed. The process of steam moulding your padded bra into it perfect shape is what makes it a very special bra, treat it that way.
  8. Do not turn your moulded bras inside out to store. Forcing your bra into the opposite shape will cause dimpling and negate the smooth T Shirt Bra effect.
  9. Hang your bras up on a hanger so that the weight is equally distributed between straps. Hanging your bra from one strap may distort the shape especially in large moulded cups.
  10. Have a special drawer for your underwear. This allows you to sort your underwear in the moulded vs non-moulded bras. “File” your moulded bras so that the cups fit into each other rather than turning them inside out.

When you purchase quality lingerie you will find that it will treat you as well as you treat your prize purchase.

Please let me know if this content has helped you and if you would like any further information.

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