• Why do my shoulder straps dig in and cause pain?

      The general rule when assessing support distribution is that 80% of the support should come from your band (this is the section of the bra that goes around your body) and 20% of the support comes from your straps. If you have smaller breasts the support mainly comes from your band. If you removed your straps from your bra by dropping them off your shoulders your breasts should not drop. This is because the support is from the bottom and not from the top. The bra band supports the bust while the straps support the bra...
  • Why Does My Bra Wire Hurt Me?

    This is a common complaint and often a diagnosis before we even see our new client. The correspondence goes like this: “I am desperately looking for a wire free bra because it hurts” Or “I have been advised that I cannot wear a wire because it will hurt me” or “I do not wear a wire because I am allergic to it”. If your wire hurts your breast it is the first sign that your bra cup is too small. Now don’t rush out and buy a bigger bra cup because chances are you will still...
  • My Bra Does Not Give Me Enough Lift

    This is a common problem with ladies requiring more "lift". What we reach for first is the miracle bra which promises to give us more lift with the introduction of a massive pad at the bottom of the bra. So here are some things that are guaranteed NOT to work: 1. The "miracle pad" at the bottom of your bra 2. Tightening your straps will only give you a massive neck spasm 3. A balcony bra 4. A "push up" bra The only thing that will work is wearing the correct band size. This is the...
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