Why do my shoulder straps dig in and cause pain? May 19 2014, 4 Comments


The general rule when assessing support distribution is that 80% of the support should come from your band (this is the section of the bra that goes around your body) and 20% of the support comes from your straps. If you have smaller breasts the support mainly comes from your band.

If you removed your straps from your bra by dropping them off your shoulders your breasts should not drop. This is because the support is from the bottom and not from the top. The bra band supports the bust while the straps support the bra giving it its shape. So it is reasonable to note that if all your support comes from your shoulder straps that your shoulders will eventually show signs of dents and be tense with pain. This has to do with blood flow and the fact that they have to work that much harder.

If your bra band is supportive enough and your shoulders start taking strain this can be due to your bra band getting big through either weight loss or bra stretch.

Three signs your support is coming from your shoulder straps and not your band

  1. Check if you have a gap between your bra and your body under your breasts. Your band should be snug; if it is not snug the support will be distributed to your shoulder straps.
  2. Your shoulder straps should be firm but not tight. If at this point you rely on your straps for your “lift” then you are most definitely wearing a big bra band.
  3. If your bra band rides up your back; this may be due to a big bra band and this then will cause more strain on your shoulders as they support the entire weight of the bust.

Loosening your straps should not cause any drop in your bust, if it does your bra band is too big

Making an appointment for a Professional fitting will reduce all the guess work. A proper assessment can be made of your bra size which will then reduce any pain caused by the wrong support. It is advisable to visit a physiotherapist who can stimulate blood flow and therefore dehydrate the vessels that have been squashed due to the effects of the straps.

If you need any further information please do not hesitate to call one of our experts to help you make better bra fitting decisions.


Why Does My Bra Wire Hurt Me? May 12 2014, 12 Comments

This is a common complaint and often a diagnosis before we even see our new client.

The correspondence goes like this: “I am desperately looking for a wire free bra because it hurts”

Or “I have been advised that I cannot wear a wire because it will hurt me” or “I do not wear a wire because I am allergic to it”.

If your wire hurts your breast it is the first sign that your bra cup is too small. Now don’t rush out and buy a bigger bra cup because chances are you will still be buying the incorrect size. There are a possible 15 cup sizes in any given band size. Simply put there are 15 cups for ever 30, 32, 34, 36 etc.

If your wire is placed on delicate breast tissue it will hurt, your wire needs to hold and surround the breast. This means that the wire should sit like a smile underneath your breast, it should extend from under the arm to the sternum (breast bone). If any breast tissue is caught under the wire it will hurt.

Please do not be confused with the discomfort you experience just after purchasing a new bra. This can be experienced up to five proper wears. This is called the wear in process WIP.  This discomfort is often experienced just under the breast and under the arm or sternum, but it subsides over time or as you get used to wearing your proper size.

If your wire hurts you under your breast and you are sure you are wearing the correct size try moving the wire up so that there is no gap between your wire and the breast. Often discomfort is caused by the bra not supporting properly because it has not been put on properly. Make sure you SCOOP properly too. Read these guidelines: SCOOP

If you have a nasty rash under your breasts this is not caused by an allergy to your wire nor because of the wire but rather because the breast is not supported or lifted. The fold underneath your breast is a dark moist area for bacteria and fungus to breed. If your bra is not the correct size it will not lift your breast causing a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. Please do not think we cannot find a bra for your breasts, we have lifted many breasts to the point where the scarring from recurring infections is exposed. Most women who have this scarring will not venture to a private fitting because they are embarrassed but this is not their fault but rather the fault of a badly fitted bra.

I hope this has helped you realise that wires are not our enemy and when fitted correctly can offer the most amazing support and shape.

Please feel free to contact us for any further information regarding this or any other problem you may have with your bra

My Bra Does Not Give Me Enough Lift April 15 2014, 2 Comments

This is a common problem with ladies requiring more "lift". What we reach for first is the miracle bra which promises to give us more lift with the introduction of a massive pad at the bottom of the bra.

So here are some things that are guaranteed NOT to work:

1. The "miracle pad" at the bottom of your bra

2. Tightening your straps will only give you a massive neck spasm

3. A balcony bra

4. A "push up" bra

The only thing that will work is wearing the correct band size. This is the number of your bra 30, 32, 34 etc. If your band is too big your breasts will simply go where they are pulled- yes to the ground.

It does not matter how firm or perfect your breasts are the only way to get the lift is through a well fitted snug band. This will also alleviate the pressure on your shoulders.

Your cup will need to be adjusted accordingly.

If you are unsure of how to do this you can contact our Fitters for expert advice.