Why do my shoulder straps dig in and cause pain?



The general rule when assessing support distribution is that 80% of the support should come from your band (this is the section of the bra that goes around your body) and 20% of the support comes from your straps. If you have smaller breasts the support mainly comes from your band.

If you removed your straps from your bra by dropping them off your shoulders your breasts should not drop. This is because the support is from the bottom and not from the top. The bra band supports the bust while the straps support the bra giving it its shape. So it is reasonable to note that if all your support comes from your shoulder straps that your shoulders will eventually show signs of dents and be tense with pain. This has to do with blood flow and the fact that they have to work that much harder.

If your bra band is supportive enough and your shoulders start taking strain this can be due to your bra band getting big through either weight loss or bra stretch.

Three signs your support is coming from your shoulder straps and not your band

  1. Check if you have a gap between your bra and your body under your breasts. Your band should be snug; if it is not snug the support will be distributed to your shoulder straps.
  2. Your shoulder straps should be firm but not tight. If at this point you rely on your straps for your “lift” then you are most definitely wearing a big bra band.
  3. If your bra band rides up your back; this may be due to a big bra band and this then will cause more strain on your shoulders as they support the entire weight of the bust.

Loosening your straps should not cause any drop in your bust, if it does your bra band is too big

Making an appointment for a Professional fitting will reduce all the guess work. A proper assessment can be made of your bra size which will then reduce any pain caused by the wrong support. It is advisable to visit a physiotherapist who can stimulate blood flow and therefore dehydrate the vessels that have been squashed due to the effects of the straps.

If you need any further information please do not hesitate to call one of our experts to help you make better bra fitting decisions.



  • by Shamim Mitha on

    Hi wud love to kno da prices of bra dat will fit me comfortable .Thank U so much God Bless

  • by Maki Mahlaba on

    I would love to be measured properly and make a purchase. Do you have an office in Polokwane, Limpopo?

  • by Maki Mahlaba on

    I would love to be measured properly and make a purchase. Do you have an office in Polokwane, Limpopo?

  • by lorraine on

    I would like to know the cost of a fitting because I reali need one done like in yesterday.I jst can’t to seem to find my correct bra size so I have suffered all this time that my shoulders have blue n black marks on them ,I’m in so much pain rite now thank u in advance

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