When To Buy A Maternity/Nursing Bra


We see mothers far too late in the cycle of when to buy a maternity bra.

Firstly let’s differentiate between a Maternity Bra and a Nursing Bra MATERNITY BRA

A Maternity bra is worn while you are expecting your baby. This bra will adjust with the “growing” support needs of your breasts.


A nursing bra has a similar function as your breasts expand and shrink with every feed, however it has a clasp that makes it easy to feed without taking your bra off.

A maternity bra is a necessity for all expectant Mothers, however most mothers have not decided whether they want to feed or not. To save money we suggest that you buy a feeding bra as it expands as the maternity bra does and means that you can carry on wearing it when you decide to feed your baby.


Whether to wear a wire in your Maternity/Nursing bra is entirely dependent on the size of your breast. Most soft (non- wire) bras do not support larger breasts as well as a wire Maternity/ Nursing bra will. My suggestion is that you make sure you are fitted correctly by a professional bra fitter. If your wire rubs on a very sensitive milk duct or gland you will be very uncomfortable and may not last the feeding process. If you don’t know what to expect from a professional bra fitting service read this: Measuring versus Fitting (click on the highlighted text)

At this stage I do not recommend you have a bra altered to a feeding bra, every day bras are not designed to accommodate breast enlargement. Considering that you may use your maternity/nursing bra for at least 9 months and up to two years (depending how long you breast feed for) it is worth the investment. Considering what breast surgery costs, a good professionally fitted Maternity/Nursing bra could land up costing you less.

Make sure the maternity/nursing bra is available in at least an A-H, if not you will be forced to buy a bra that has limited sizes, does not fit and is probably going to be uncomfortable. Do Not buy a maternity/feeding bra that is only available in small to extra large if you are looking to support your breasts

A good Maternity/Nursing bra will eliminate unnecessary stretch marks. Most stretch marks are caused by the sudden/ drastic weight change of your breasts rather than the actual growth. Supporting the breast with a good, well fitted bra will aid in comfort and reduce any back ache that comes with sudden weight changes with breast increase.

There are three major changes in your breasts :

  1. In your first Trimester
  2. In approximately your 28th week
  3. When your milk “comes in” after birth, this is approximately 3 days after birth


A good Maternity/Nursing Bra is as essential as your pregnancy vitamins if you want to love your breasts after your children have weaned.

The answer is quite simple, The most important piece of “equipment” needed when you are expecting is your maternity bra. Get Fitted for one before your breast grow causing discomfort and irreversible damage.

Liza Clifford Fitters are happy to take calls on this topic on 0861333779 or bras@lizaclifford.co.za

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